'I take criticism in a positive way'

'I take criticism in a positive way'

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'I take criticism in a positive way'

Known for his remixes of ‘Magic’ by Coldplay, ‘Animals’ by Maroon 5 and ‘Love Yourself’ by Justin Bieber, 21-year-old homegrown DJ Sahil Sharma, popularly known as DJ Zaeden, recently released his next ‘Never Let You Go’, under the label Spinnin’ Records.

The Delhi-based began DJing at the age of 14 and is one of the first Indian electronic music producers to play at Tomorrowland, Belgium and Marenostrum Festival, Valencia, Spain. In a candid chat with Puja Gupta, the musician shares more about the track, his tryst with music and future projects.

Tell us more about your new track.

The song defines bonding and love between two people. In the video there are two thieves/lovers, who get some money. They spend it till they go bankrupt and stick together, regardless of the situation. You never plan a story in mind as a producer, and just follow your music skills and prepare a piece of music flow within a short time frame. I am really happy to see the response worldwide. The video crossed a million hits on YouTube in just 20 days, which is a great success for us.

How did your collaboration with Spinnin’ happen?

This was cracked last year around October. My management was touring Borgeous at that point, who is a platinum record producer. My management head Sudhanshu played the track ‘Yesterday’ to him which I made four years ago. We were yet to find a place for it, and he loved it! He tweaked the melodies a bit and that’s how I got my breakthrough with Spinnin. Before that we were signed to publishing, where they groomed my skills and gave me the exposure to work with other big
producers on Spinnin. Altogether, it was a great experience.

How did you get into DJing?

I suppose everyone loves to hear music that is mixed well in a continuous flow. I used to love the same when I was 14. I used to listen to live sets and mix tapes by other artistes like Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery and Armin Van Buuren. I always had these set of tracks which I wanted to hear in a mix tape, so I started off learning the skill. I started learning about music slightly before djing, but later on everything fell into place.

Who inspires you?

Musically, Illenium, The Chainsmokers, Avicii, Eric Prydz , Deadmau5 inspire me. Statistically, big pop artistes, having a huge fan base, great numbers in digital stores and streaming services turn out to be an inspiration as well. Generally, anyone who is working and makes a big difference, not just in music, but in any industry inspire me to work harder.

How would you define your music?

Music which youngsters could relate to. It’s something which suits my personality the best.

Have you faced any criticism for your work?

Yes, haters are always there. But I take it in a positive way. May be someone can have a very useful suggestion, I accept that but I always try to know the reason behind the criticism which makes it healthy.

Do you think there’s any difference between pop music and dance music anymore?

Pop music has never changed since the beginning. It’s just that artiste from different styles tweak pop music with their own signature. That’s what all the top musicians have been doing. Pop music is something which majority of people relate to. I too am trying to find my signature to tweak it in my own way.

How do you see the dance music scene in India?

There is a lot of potential in this country, but the sad part is, there is no right guidance or knowledge available on dance music production.
But I hope that gradually the industry will get good producers and institutions.
Me and my management are also planning a professional institute for teaching music production and music business.

Would you like to mix for Bollywood?

I am already working on an Indian vibe track. It might work for Bollywood themes, as well. I am definitely interested in trying something out. If not mainstream, then may be background scoring.

What are your upcoming projects?

I am reworking on an old famous track. I might work with singer Raghav who is very famous in India for the vocals. We have one more pop and groovy track, ‘City of a Lonely Heart’. Lovers would relate to this one really well. There is one more club track with an Indian desi vibe.

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