India does not lack band culture: Vishal Dadlani

India does not lack band culture: Vishal Dadlani

India does not lack band culture: Vishal Dadlani

Singer Vishal Dadlani, also the vocalist of the indie rock band Pentagram, says India does not lack band culture but there is a need to promote it to mainstream.

The 43-year-old music composer believes that there are many rock bands in the country, which are doing a phenomenal job, but they are not focused on as compared to Bollywood music.

"There is no lack of band culture. If you go to Shillong, Kolkata and Bengaluru... some of the best bands in India are based out of Delhi. They are phenomenal bands.

There is no independent mainstream, so, we have to create that but in last five years things have really changed," Vishal told PTI during a visit here with Shekhar Ravjiani and British band The Vamps.

"It's a work in progress and it is also important for artists here to find their own sound and since that has started to happen now so, may be in next five years the scene will be completely different."

When asked why Indian musicians don't enjoy the kind of mass hysteria their international counterparts do, Shekhar quipped, "There are no item sogs internationally!"

He added, "There is so much in the market, every half an hour something else is trending on Twitter. New stuff is coming out in every ten minutes. Earlier, less music stuff used to come out. There is no enough space for people to consume a single thing. It is always the next thing."

Disagreeing with the perception, Vishal cited examples of Arijit Singh, Sonu Nigam and golden voices Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsle, and said Indian musicians are much loved.

"It is there but it is not as focussed so, you dont know much about it. For example Arijit can't walk on the streets though he has never done a video or put his face out in any way and he doesn't have a PR. He just sings his songs.

"Sonu has been loved for many years. We were talking about it the other day that in India, you have careers that last 20 25 years and in some cases 60years like Lata ji, Asha ji."

The singer-composer also feels unlike in the west, fans here are more well-behaved with the artistes that it sometimes keep them away from their favourites' real personality and charm.

"The relationship between fans here is more well-behaved. They do not get into your space... Or may be it is only with me, they are just afraid of me!" he said. 

According to the 43-year-old "Malhari" hitmaker, people's taste in music has changed drqastically and that is the main reason hard rock is going out of scene globally.

"If rock music scene is going that is global, because pace changes, people change, music of the youth really changes and defines what is current. It is the same thing in India as well," Vishal said.

Vishal-Shekhar recently teamed up with the British pop rock boyband The Vamps on a single "Beliya", which is already a hit on Youtube. The collaboration has been initiated by Virgin EMI Records, UK and Bottomline Media.

The Vamps comprises lead vocalist Bradley Simpson, lead guitarist James McVey, bass guitarist Connor Ball and Tristan Evans on the drums.

Talking about their experience with The Vamps, Shekhar, 37, said, "One of our friend introduced us to them, we heard their music and it was outstanding. We got a chance to figure out what we could do and how we could collaborate so, we made some compositions and sent it to them and then they sent us back something.

"So over the phone, back and forth we exchanged ideas. Then we decided to go to London and spent two days there in studio and we thrashed it all out. It was great fun. Two different zones altogether and two different genres together. We got to do something with Indian grooves and a few sounds with flute." 

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