John Abraham fractures his foot

John Abraham fractures his foot

"I really wouldn't like to talk about it. But yes I'm in a lot of pain. Fortunately, no film is going to get affected," John, who met with the accident Saturday, told IANS on phone.

A close friend of the actor says that he continued shooting despite the fracture.

"The hard ball shot straight through the air and bang into John's right foot and he heard a distinct crack. John knew something had gone awfully wrong in his foot. But he continued shooting throughout the day because he didn't want to disrupt David's schedule which required special permission for outdoor shooting," the friend said.

It was only after the day's shooting that John, by then cringing in pain, sat down to examine the damage.

"The foot had swollen to twice its normal size. It wasn't just a pulled muscle or a torn ligament as John had hoped. It was a fracture. And by playing cricket on the injured foot John made it worse," said the friend.

After pack up, John walked to his car, drove off to the doctor who finally told him what he suspected the whole day. Now his foot is in a cast for a month.

Fortunately, for the actor there's no shooting to be completed. The next one month is devoted to acting workshops for Abbas Tyrewala which he can somehow limp through.

John's girlfriend Bipasha feels he shouldn't have continued shooting with injured foot.

"It's sad. But John was foolish to keep on playing when his foot was hurt instead of getting it checked," she said.

Last week has been tough on the actor.

"He was down with a severe viral fever followed by the whole unsavoury link up with Katrina Kaif. Then John lost his uncle. And now his foot is fractured. Hopefully, this is the climax of his crises," said his friend.

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