'I always go by my gut feeling'

'I always go by my gut feeling'

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'I always go by my gut feeling'

Actor Suraj Gowda doesn’t believe in settling down for anything average. He is working towards not just being a star but a superstar.

At a time when the sons and daughters of producers and directors are getting a good break in the Kannada film industry, the young actor literally worked his way up to finding a space of his own.

He has portrayed his versatility in ‘Maduveya Mamatheya Kareyole’ made under the Thoogudeepa banner and will soon prove his acting prowess with the role of a psychopath in the yet-to-be released ‘Kahi’. In an interview with Nina C George, Suraj talks about what has brought him so far.  

Tell us about your role in ‘Kahi’? 

I play the role of an alcoholic and a psychopath. There were very specific emotions that had to be portrayed in the character which I found challenging but extremely interesting as well. Portraying a loud character is more difficult than playing out a subtle one. Working in ‘Kahi’ gave me a lot of confidence because it tried and tested my skills as an actor.

Which film gave you a big break?

Working in ‘Maduveya Mamatheya Kareyole’ changed my life in many ways. In fact, it is Dinakar Thoogudeepa who launched me in a big way and gave me a proper understanding of what comprises acting and what goes on behind the camera. He gave me constructive feedback which helped me improve my performance.      

What are you working on now?

I am working on the last schedule of ‘Pradesha Samachara’ which is a love story.

Your next project?

My next movie will be a game changer because people will see me in a completely different avatar. I want to go beyond playing just lover boy roles. There are still a lot of love stories coming my way but I hope that will change after my next project.    

On working in other languages...

I have been getting offers from other industries but I want to first make it big in the Kannada film industry before I move on.

What guides you?

I’ve learnt that being humble takes one a long way. It doesn’t pay to be arrogant and brash. The recognition that actors get is only because of the work they do and that recognition is a short-lived one.

You set out to be an engineer. What changed that?

There was a time when I had to decide between choosing a career in the software industry and settling down for a desk job or following my dream to become an actor. My mother gave me the confidence and asked me to follow my heart. I haven’t looked back since then. It is consistency in thought and action that has brought me so far.  

Your criteria for choosing a project...

I always go by my gut feeling and don’t seek too many opinions. I want to be solely
responsible for the decisions I make

Your journey so far...

It’s been a wonderful journey because I believe that it is only my hard work, dedication and commitment that has seen me through good and bad times. I never believed in working in television or winning a reality show to be an actor. I began acting straight away without any prior experience or exposure in the field.

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