Incriminating evidence emerges against Indrani

Incriminating evidence emerges against Indrani

Tapes contain talk with Peter on murder of Sheena Bora

Incriminating evidence emerges against Indrani

 A year after the sensational murder of Sheena Bora came to light, the most incriminating bit of evidence in form of audio tapes has surfaced.

The new evidence completely nails former Star India CEO Peter Mukerjea and his wife Indrani Bora Mukerjea.

In the sensational audio tapes, Peter and Indrani could be heard covering up the mysterious disappearance and murder of Sheena. With these tapes, Peter’s ground that he was not aware of Sheena’s murder has been completely demolished.

The audio tapes have conversations purportedly between Rahul Mukerjea with his father Peter and his stepmother Indrani, separately as well as together on a speaker-phone. Most of these recordings are of 2012, the year Sheena was murdered. Rahul had recorded these conversations and this is part of the CBI evidence.  Sheena was daughter of Indrani with her first live-in partner Kolkata-based Siddhartha Das. She also has a son with him, Mekhail Bora, who is based in Guwahati. 

Rahul is son of Peter with his first wife Shabnam Singh and he was in a live-in relationship with Sheena and they wanted to get married. Meanwhile, a special CBI court on Friday extended the judicial custody of Peter, Indrani and Sanjeev Khanna till September 15. While Peter and Khanna are in Arthur Road prison, Indrani is lodged in Byculla women’s jail.

In most of the tapes, Rahul was heard confronting Peter and Indrani about the whereabouts of Sheena and whether she was okay or not. He also expresses apprehension that there was something wrong with her. The transcript is given below.

Peter to Rahul

“As far as I am concerned, what has happened to Sheena is that she has gone on her own accord somewhere and she doesn’t want to be in touch with anybody right now. What if she has disappeared, why are you making all this fuss.

“My suggestion to you (Rahul)… and it is only a suggestion… advice to you, guidance... if that is what it is… leave it alone… she will come back when she wants to come back… if she hasn’t been in touch with anybody and she’s gone off and you know wants to be… wants to be in… wants to be in hiding… She wants to go with somebody… may be she is with somebody… maybe this somebody is an imaginary person.

   “You know what I’m saying. When I said to you listen, I am assured that she is fine, at that point of time I am not lying to you, I am telling you I assure you that she is fine.”

Indrani to Rahul

“A guy by the name of Nishant Khurana. I have heard this name for the first time.… But at least now we will know she is, you know, gone somewhere or she is with somebody “Tell you right very honestly, till now I was not concerned. I mean I thought she ran away but now it has been like so many days. I am trying to think of somebody she could have contacted , anybody! Rahul, so this new… it is no.”

Rahul to Peter & Indrani

“I don't need to know where she is. I need to know if she's okay. Can we track her, speak to her?”

CBI asked to begin arguments

A special court in Mumbai on Friday asked the CBI to begin making arguments on framing of charges in the sensational Sheena Bora murder case, so that the trial could be expedited, DHNS reports from Mumbai.

Former Star India CEO Peter Mukerjea, his wife Indrani Bora nee Mukerjea and her first husband Sanjeev Khanna are facing trial in the case. Indrani’s driver Shyamvar Rai, who was a co-accused, had recently turned an approver and would provide evidence in the court.

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