This hero does not fly too high

This hero does not fly too high

Film review

This hero does not fly too high

A Flying Jatt
Hindi (U/A) **
Cast: Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nathan Jones
Director: Remo D’Souza

Tiger Shroff is a faltering martial arts teacher. He falls, gets up and falls again. One day, he flies. And the flight and might is all thanks to the big old tree in his compound, which is facing the axe of industrialist Kay Kay Menon.

A desi superhero taking up a green cause calls for whistles. But then it turns out to be a swachh bharat drive, where the flying saviour sweeps a woman (Jacqueline Fernandez, all giggles and no show) off her feet with half a dozen songs.

Fernandez plays a teacher who is more childish than her students. She squeaks at anything that catches her fancy (which is literally everything). So when she sights the superhero, her enthusiasm breaks every decibel record, and her jaws go into the permanent drop mode.

Amrita Singh plays Shroff’s slap-happy mom who wants her reluctant son to grow up into a warrior as brave as his legendary dad. The spunky Punjabi maa then stitches her son a desi outfit, with the turban replacing the cape. And Shroff is off to save the planet. In fact, the fight with Nathan Jones (the villain who thrives on pollution and turns stronger by ‘gandagi’) extends to the outer space, where the flying Jatt has to battle human waste again.

The characters display only comic book depth and the scenes are a mishmash of several Hollywood movies.

From the fledgling Sikh warrior to the full-blown flying Jatt, Tiger Shroff grows in leaps and bounds, but as an actor, he is still taking his baby steps.