Dasara jumbos weighed, Arjuna heaviest at 5,615 kg

Dasara jumbos weighed, Arjuna heaviest at 5,615 kg

Dasara jumbos weighed, Arjuna heaviest at 5,615 kg

The first batch of Dasara elephants, which arrived at the Mysuru Palace on Friday, was weighed on Saturday. The captain, Arjuna, is the heaviest (5,615 kg) of the Dasara jumbos while Vijaya is the slimmest (2,635 kg).

The jumbos were weighed at Sai Ram Weigh Bridge, located on Dhanwantri Road in the city. It is routine to weigh the elephants once they arrive at the palace to train for the Jumboo Savaari.

According to the authorities, while howdah elephant Arjuna weighs 5,615 kg, his predecessor Balarama weighs 4,920 kg. Abhimanyu is 4,855 kg and Gajendra weighs 4,620 kg. The female elephants Kaveri and Vijaya weighed 3,005 kg and 2,635 kg, respectively.

According to the Forest department authorities, all the elephants were healthy and they would be served with high-calorie and protein-rich food to improve their physical fitness.

The authorities said that each elephant will gain 800-900 kg before the Jumboo Savaari.
Another weight test will be done a day before Dasara procession, scheduled for October 11.

The elephants will be served with urad dal, green gram, wheat, boiled rice, onion, vegetables, rice, groundnut, coconut, jaggery and sugar cane during the rehearsals.

Balarama gets restive

The 58-year-old Balarama turned restive when he was being taken to bathing by his mahout.
He tried to escape from his caretakers. But, the mahout and kaavadi managed to bring him under control. Officials said that Balarama had been playing pranks to avoid bathing for the last three-four years.

Balarama, who was captured in 1987 at Kattepura forest near Somwarpet of Kodagu district, has carried the howdah 14 times. He passed on the lead role to Arjuna in 2011.

Shelter for mahouts

Twenty sheds have been constructed to house the families of mahouts of the Dasara elephants.

A separate shed measuring 40x80 sq ft, has been erected in front of Kodi Kalabhyraveshwara temple for Arjuna and a female elephant will be housed along with him.
The district administration has submitted a Rs 14.25-crore proposal for this year’s Dasara.