'Nothing is impossible'

'Nothing is impossible'

Upbeat touch

'Nothing is impossible'

The playback singer and music composer has sung some of the most popular songs in the recent times.

If you’ve tapped your feet listening to songs like ‘Jabra Fan’, ‘Sari Ke Fall Sa’ and ‘Gandi Baat’, it’s because of the voice of Nakash Aziz. He was recently in the city for a concert for the Sony Ericsson employees where he played to a crowd of enthusiastic music lovers. In a chat with Anila Kurian, he talks about his work in the industry so far.

Has fame changed you?
Social media plays a huge role. When I go for a show, I’m happy to know that people are having a good time. But I am still the same, still trying to figure out what life is and learning on the way.

Did you always want to be a musician?
I’ve always enjoyed the process of creating music. When it comes to the world of songs and films, music has the ability to transport the viewers to that particular
situation. I love that I have been given the power to do that.

What was it like to work under A R Rahman?
He is an amazing person to work with. It was so weird to know that he is as human as I am and does about the same things I do on a daily basis. But he is so passionate about what he does, it’s amazing to watch him work and I have learnt a lot from him.

What was the moment that made you realise that he is just as normal?
(Laughs) He once coughed in front of me and the way he sips his tea.

Any artistes you’re looking forward to working with?
It would be my dream to work with Will.i.am and Coldplay.

You're always known for the upbeat songs you sing. Would you define that as your genre?
I believe it’s more that people trust me with that genre. I would also like to work with slower songs but I have also enjoyed the projects done so far.

A song you wish you could take credit for?
‘440 Volt’ from ‘Sultan’.

Your upcoming projects...
I’ve sung three songs for ‘Banjo’ and it was great working with Vishal and Shekhar for that. The rest, only the future can tell.

Any other passion...
I love playing cricket with my friends and watch it on television. I also love travelling.

Three things you want your fans to know about you...
Firstly, I would like to be a part of projects similar to ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Avatar’, in any form possible. Secondly, I don’t like people breaking traffic rules. I believe that the traffic lights changing colours all day also have feelings. Finally, nothing is impossible so never stop trying.

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