Jadhav land deal gets murkier as forgery angle emerges

Jadhav land deal gets murkier as forgery angle emerges

'Thumb impression in sale deed forged'

Jadhav land deal gets murkier as forgery angle emerges

There is a forgery angle to the purchase of agriculture land at Ramanayakanahalli near Anekal by Tarabai Jadhav, mother of Chief Secretary Aravind Jadhav (in pic).

One of the sale deeds (Number 3463/2002/03) of the total purchase of 16 acres and10 guntas at Ramanayakanahalli, which were mentioned by Jadhav in his press statement, is found to be in dispute.

A close scrutiny of the document executed by one R Ramakrishnaiah on April 2, 2012 in favour of one T V Babu, available with DH, reveals that originally the survey number 29/p36 measuring two acres was granted (LNDSR70/1977/78) on October 11, 1978. The saguvali chit was also issued by the assistant commissioner (AC) on May 3, 1982, to R Ramakrishnaiah. Whereas, a person claiming to be of the same name, Ramakrishnaiah of Ramanayakanahalli, has executed the document (3463/2002/03) in favour of Tarabai and, podi was created by giving a new number 111 with MR (mutation register) number - 10/2003/04. However, it is found that the original grantee R Ramakrishnaiah's father is Ramaiah, while the name of the father of the person who sold the land to Tarabai is entered as Basappa alias Ramaiah. As per the original grantee R Ramakrishnaiah's claim, the thumb impression in the sale deed executed in favour of Tarabai was forged.

The original grantee had filed a case in the court of AC on November 26, 2009. When both Tarabai and the seller Ramakrishnaiah failed to appear, AC (South) through an order (RA146/2009/10) on April 31, 2010, held the sale executed in favour of Tarabai as void. The AC's order was upheld by the Deputy Commissioner in July 2011 in the review petition filed by both Tarabai and the seller Ramakrishnaiah. Subsequently, the original grantee Ramakrishnaiah, as per the order of the AC, got a mutation register in his favour (MR19/2009/10).

Later, the original grantee entered into a sale agreement with T V Babu, registered at sub-registrar office on April 2, 2012, for a consideration amount of Rs 30 lakh, of which Rs 10 lakh was received as advance. It is found that almost all the transactions of purchase of agriculture land in survey number 29 were through sale agreements. A senior revenue official said that from 2007, an absolute sale deed couldn't be executed for agriculture land without a survey of the land and akarband (Akarband as per Mysore Revenue Manual is a register of survey numbers defining land details and the price fixed by the government). “This is the reason why grantees have entered into a sale agreement and not a sale deed,” he said.

Calls made to Arvind Jadhav, to know if the review order of the DC was challenged, were not answered. By virtue of the order, the extent of 16 acres and 10 guntas purchased by Jadhav’s mother is likely to have reduced to 14 acres and 10 guntas. As per the schedule, the land purchased by Tarabai will cut into two portions without an access from one portion to the other, while the entire extent of land purchased is situated between Ramanayakanahalli road and a lake.