Bringing clay to life

Ceramic art

Earth and Fire’, an exhibition of contemporary ceramics by three artists, who have been working with the medium for over a decade brings together a mix of moods and thoughts to the front. Each artist has worked with a different theme and brought clay to life.

There are colourful and creative teapots, murals, paintings, Buddha in meditative poses, 3D paintings depicting dolphins, dancers and beautiful green glazed abstract art that looks like it was brought straight from a fantasy world. As the name suggest, ‘Earth and Fire’, is a combination of earthy themes, like the spiritual meditative pieces combined with passionate ones like that of a dancer.

“It took us more than two years to create all these works,” Srirupa Sen, one of the artists, tells Metrolife. The exhibition aims to explain the many facets of ceramic art, by juxtaposing each artist’s signature style and work.

Sen, who is a former professor of chemistry, stresses to form new, innovative designs combined with original ceramic glazes. This exhibition portrays her latest series of bottles, amphoras and murals, inspired by traditional Spanish art, Chinese tea leaf moulds and earth tones, like sculpted bottles resembling Spanish dancers, abstract murals and teapots with unique glazes.

Rajesh Srivastava , from Banaras Hindu Universiy, infuses a contemporary touch to traditional molds. His expertise with all the techniques involved in creating and glazing pottery gives his pieces a unique look. In this exhibition he has focused on the lakes of Bhopal and the ghats of Varanasi. He has another series which focuses on his
attitude to man’s spiritual fulfillment.

Sudha Pillai, a retired bureaucrat makes paintings out of ceramic. She uses ceramic to create tiles, which fit like a jigsaw puzzle to create a painting. Her pieces use ceramic tiles as a canvas, expressing her inner feelings in form of the painting. This exhibition showcases her series titled ‘Tree of Life’. The beautiful ceramic glazes give life to her pieces and bear proof of her artistry.

The exhibition is on display at the Open Palm Court, IHC till August 31.

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