Chipotle Chicken, Mushroom, Bacon and Sour Dough Panini


n Sour dough panini - 4

n Chicken breast - 3 pieces

n Mushroom (sautéed) - 120gm

n Bacon rashers (cooked) - 150gm

n Chipotle chilly - 25gm

n Thyme - 5gm

n Mozzarella - 150gm

n Olive oil - 120ml

n Salt - 15gm

n Pepper - 5gm


n Pound the chicken breast to a uniform thickness.

n Marinate both sides with chipotle paste, olive oil, salt and herbs

n Grill the chicken till it iscooked through and slice chicken into one inch strips.

n Now, get your bread ready, cut the panini in two pieces apply mayonnaise on one side.

n Layer chicken strips, bacon, mushroom and mozzarella and the top of a bread slice.

n Press under the sandwich grill and serve with potato chips.

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