A culinary journey across the Alps

A culinary journey across the Alps

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A culinary journey across the Alps

After appearing on cookery shows on television, including three seasons of MasterChef India and penning a book, chef Kunal Kapur is now busy exploring the landscape, local produce and cuisines of Switzerland in NDTV Good Times’ Swiss Made Adventures.

The six-part series which features well-known TV personalities Sumona Chakravarti and Meiyang Chang alongside Kapoor will take viewers on a six-week long journey full of food, scenic locales and adventure sports. In an email interaction with Jayashree Narayanan, Kapur tells Metrolife more about the show, his food escapades in the picturesque Alps and his most cherished moment.


Tell us about the show.

Most of us see Switzerland in movies where they project it as the perfect honeymooning spot. But there’s a lot more to it. Swiss Made Adventures explores different facets of the country. It is not a clichéd travel or food show. It’s really about exploring the country, deep diving into its culture, traditions and customs, going local and living life the Swiss way. It’s a real adventure, full of real experiences and real fun.

What was your journey like?

When I started with fishing in Lake Lugano, there was pristine clear waters, and cool winds were running through my hair. I realised it is nothing less than heaven. After a good fruitful catch all afternoon, I cooked it in a grotto and prepared it in Swiss style with the chef owner.

I also took a boat ride in Lake Lugano to get to Morcote, where I met some chefs and tasted best of Swiss olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I trekked to Eggishorn which was snow covered overlooking the Aletsch Glacier and was a breathtaking wonder. Also, I met a local coffee enthusiast who uncovered the secrets of their love for coffee.

Give us a glimpse into your food adventures.

I was on a culinary adventure across mountains, lakes, snow-capped peaks and the cities enjoying the best of food, wine, chocolate and cheese under the sun. My journey started with south Switzerland where I tasted Swiss olive oil, balsamic, cheese, pasta and some Ticino wines.

At the France–Switzerland border, I tasted a variety of cheese, wines and meats which were very different from the south. The German Swiss have a different language and food habit and for the first time it made me realise that Swiss food is so much more than Fondue, Raclette and Roesti.

In fact, the southern part of Switzerland bordering Italy has a very Mediterranean climate and hence is the only place in the picturesque Alps that produces olive oil. Also the wines have a typical Italian charm.

A day spent in wine tasting in Sierra, Valais, talking to a third generation winemaker and tasting in her vineyard was a privilege. In a country obsessed with its cheese and meats, I left no opportunity to taste some classic Swiss Cheese and air-dried meat followed by chocolate making in Geneva.

What about Swiss food did you particularly like?

I loved the Swiss Roesti, chocolates and cheese. They have as much precision in food as they have in watches.

Your most cherished memory?

Dressing up as a local milkman and learning to make cheese and butter in the Alps.

What can the viewers expect from the show?

Lots of fun, frolic, food, adventure, new experiences, memories and long-lasting relationships and of course a perfect culinary vacation. I believe travel is an investment. One should invest in places that create lasting experiences which are worth sharing.

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