Flash brings storage price down, says HPE

Flash brings storage price down, says HPE

Flash and software defined storage have brought down storage prices to 20-25% over the years, says Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Group Storage Division Vice President and General Manager for Asia Pacific and Japan, Phil Davis.

In an interaction with DH, Davis said the high-end market for purpose-built storage array has shrunk. “Over the next three to five years, flash storage will take an edge. Here, the software-defined storage will give more advantage for small and medium companies,” he said.

Davis said the prices for HPE storage products have come down dramatically to 20-25% in India. “It is primarily disk drives as primary media is phased out. Also, proprietary and custom hardware with purpose-built physical storage arrays have gone. Flash storage helps us in application performance, operational expenses, reducing unexpected down-time, and other technology advantages,” he said.

He pointed out that since storage has become virtual and few of them inbuilt, where thousands of platform can be stored in one node. “Flash storage density has been increasing over the years and making a deep impact in the mid-range market. Flash is now roughly the same price as a 10K drive. Also, information technology is powering business and data-driven analytics backed by Internet of Things (IoT) has fuelled growth in each industry verticle,” he said.

Digital India

HPE Enterprise Group Storage India Country Head Joybrata Mukherjee pointed out that the Government of India’s Digital India campaign and other infrastructure-building efforts in FinTech, healthcare and citizen service among others will give huge opportunities for the company.

“We have brought out two products in India. The HPE StoreVirtual 3200 provides next-generation, entry storage array with an easy on-ramp to software-defined storage. The HPE MSA 2042 delivers hybrid flash for application acceleration,” he said.