Keep your curls rolling

Keep your curls rolling

Hair care

Straight, smooth hair may look classy and apt for any outfit, but if you wish to make a trend, then opt for the curly locks. Hair experts from Advanced Hair Studio share how to get your curls right.

Number of washes per week

Washing your hair regularly seems to be a good idea to keep hair shining and clean, however we don’t realise that it strips natural oils from our hair and makes it dry. While this might seems alright for a person with straight hair, but it could be a troublesomefor people with curly hair. Our advice for people with curly hair would be to wash your hair only couple of times in a week, using a good shampoo followed by a leave–in conditioner.

Not combing wet hair
After hair wash, it’s always best to let your hair dry naturally, without combing it.
While this is a standard rule that should be followed by everyone, it’s particularly important for women with curly hair because it avoids breakage and opens up the curls giving it a nice look.
In case when it’s not doable, use a wide toothed comb to take care of the tangles in your wet hair.

How to dry curly hair
While drying your curly hair, avoid rubbing and scrubbing with the towel, which would most definitely cause friction followed by fizzy hair. Using an old t-shirt instead of towel is a great alternative to squeeze out extra water from your hair.
If you are in hurry and can’t wait to dry your hair naturally, it’s best to blow dry it, using your fingers to comb through it.  While you use this, make sure you always prep your hair with a good heat protectant spray of a well-known brand.

Scrunch with a good styling product
A good serum or leave in conditioner is a great investment for curly hair. It is always advisable to scrunch your curly mane while applying any product on your wet hair. Let your hair absorb this, before adding another product. Also do not overload your hair with products as these tend to weigh your curls down, making them flat and greasy.

Restore your hair at night
It’s a good idea to roll sections of your hair and pin them up under a hair cap while sleeping at night. By doing this, even if you move around in your sleep, your curls don’t turn into a frizzy mess.
It will retain its shine and look great when you open them next day.

Retain your curls between washes
Getting the bounce and retaining your curls midweek is now easy. All you have
to do is get an empty spray bottle and fill it with equal portions of water and a leave-in-conditioner. This will help the hair to get nourishment. Spray it on your hair, scrunch and leave it to dry naturally.

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