On my pinboard - Devaraj

On my pinboard - Devaraj


On my pinboard - Devaraj

A known name in the Kannada film industry and the regional theatre arena,  actor Devaraj has been appreciated for his varied roles in movies like ‘Indrajith’, ‘Huliya’ and ‘Lockup Death’ and other notable projects like ‘Aaganthuka’.

Devaraj has won several awards and accolades, including the Karnataka State Film Award for his portrayal as the protagonist in the film ‘Veerappan’. He is presently working on the upcoming Kannada project ‘Maasthi Gudi’.

Actor - Anant Nag
“Anant Nag is my favourite actor in the Kannada film industry for several reasons. I have been observing his work from the time I started working in theatre and was thoroughly impressed by his talent. He has also acted in Hindi movies by Shyam Benegal and this was a big inspiration for me. Anant Nag is one of the finest actors anyone can ever meet. His acting is stupendous and his simplicity can leave anyone awestruck. He is well-aware of what is happening around and is a well-read person too. Other actors whom I appreciate are Amitabh Bachchan for his flair for acting and Kangana Ranaut for the way she fits into every role.”

Food - Nachos
“I eat moderately and even when we go out as a family to a fine-dining restaurant, I prefer that my sons or my wife place an order for me. I am not choosy when it comes to food and eat whatever is available. I love experimenting with European cuisine and even Mexican delights. I like nachos and tacos and indulge in them as per my mood and the availability. I like all kinds of foods, be it salty or spicy. Thus, it isn’t too difficult to find something for myself. I love authentic Karnataka cuisine including ‘ragi mudde’ and ‘mosaru saaru’.”

Inspiration - Patel Ramaiah
“In my younger days, we stayed together as a joint family for a few years and my maternal uncle Patel Ramaiah was a role model for me. He is someone who has helped shape my character. He was a very modest person, humble and down-to-earth. Whenever I observed others in the family, my uncle always stood out for the way he went about his daily activities. I picked up certain traits from him and admired the way he dealt with people in public and within the family. The way he looked at a crisis and solved it was very unique.”

Travel - Goa
“I have travelled a lot for work and even otherwise to many beautiful places. However, when I think of travel, memories of Goa are the first thing that come to my mind. When my sons were younger, we would often visit Goa. I love the place still, though we do not get a chance to visit together as a family now. Goa is a mesmerising destination and has a certain charm to it which can make anyone feel relaxed. Its cosmopolitan culture is interesting and anyone can adjust well there. The other place I loved going to and want to visit again is Switzerland. It has a certain tranquility to it.”

Author - Poornachandra Tejaswi
“I have always loved reading Kannada fiction by Shivaram Karanth, Yashwant Chittal and Poornachandra Tejaswi. Tejaswi’s ‘Karvalo’ left a deep impact on me as it gives an insight into the depth of life. This book is about a man who is on the hunt for a flying lizard and ultimately, he sees one. This speaks about a man’s journey against the background that a flying lizard is a figment of one’s imagination. His expressions are excellent and his imagination is well-explored through this work, while giving a lot of importance to nature. I like author Alistair MacLean’s writing style too as his works are thrilling and adventurous.”

Music - Colonial Cousins
“When I was doing theatre, I used to listen to a lot of Kannada folk music and then turned to Hindustani classical music. I would also listen to the band ‘Modern Talking’ a lot. Slowly, a lot of fusion and interesting film music attracted me. Of all the music that I have heard so far, I love the work by ‘Colonial Cousins’ the most, as they brought a different and unique twist to the music industry in India. Their music is a perfect blend of modern and traditional notes which uplifts one’s mood. Every time I hear their version of ‘Krishna Nee Begane...’, it brings a smile to my face. I also find Ilayaraja’s music soothing and peaceful.”

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