Netizens vent ire against media for 'fanning' flames violence

Netizens vent ire against media for 'fanning' flames violence

Netizens vent ire against media for 'fanning' flames violence

The flash bandh triggered by the violence over the Cauvery issue in Bengaluru on Monday turned fever pitch in the cyber world.

On the popular social networking site Twitter,  CauveryIssue, Bengaluru and KarnatakaHomeMinister were the top trending topics. On Facebook, ‘tamil nadu karnataka’ trended throughout the later half of the day.

While violent protests erupted in several parts on Bengaluru, netizens vented their ire against the media, especially the television channels blaming them for fanning the flame of violence.

A clip of a Kannadiga being beaten up was repeatedly played on loop on various channels. Taking objection to this, many concerned citizens tweeted their disappointment.

One such post was circulated on Facebook talking about channels pre-announcing the imposition of the Section 144 even before the police clamped it: “While the BENGALURU CITY POLICE has confirmed that Section 144 has not been imposed in Karnataka, the so called Indian Media has created havoc and panic in the state by showing that Section 144 has been imposed on Cauvery issue. This is pathetic about media.”

Others took note of the volatile situation in the city. One post on Twitter by one @Sricalifornia read: “My nephew. Comes out of his hostel, sees a mob chasing a truck ,another one on fire. We all have friends and family in Bangalore. Stay safe”

The issue also turned into a Kannadiga vs Tamilian issue with several netizens engaging in virtual fisticuffs. Some tried to provide help on the ground by creating a virtual map of several areas affected by violence. This message was then circulated via SMS and other messaging services.

Many others appealed for calm at the situation. @smile_rams tweeted: “A Kannadian safely dropped a Tamilian(me) in his home at Bangalore during the tense situation. Hope this kind of #love spreads #CauveryIssue”

Home Minister G Parameshwara requested television channels and netizens not to circulate videos that may intensify the violence. “We have limited resources to control the spread of updates on social networking websites,” he said.

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