A creative pitch

A creative pitch

A creative pitch

Twenty-something Sumukh Mehta was the talk of the town a few months ago when he managed to impress an international men’s magazine editor with his creative CV. He is now helping scores of others with their resumes.

He has founded the startup ‘Your Pitchh’ that focusses on creating CVs with infographics. “I actually came up with the idea a year ago when I was in college,” admits the Christ University alumnus. “I approached my principal and started creating resumes for the business school students.”

In all, he helped put together 150 CVs while he was a student, says the business administration graduate. Heartened by its success, he tried to approach other colleges with the idea, but most turned down his offer. “So I became frustrated, worked on my own creative CV that looked like an issue of the magazine and sent off a copy to its London office,” says the Bengaluru boy. Its editor was impressed and Sumukh was made an offer for a paid internship. And while it’s his long-cherished dream to work with the UK publication, he has been unable to get a work visa.

“I might manage to go there in January,” he says. But while he’s here, Sumukh is determined to use his new-found popularity to his advantage — his client base has now expanded.

“People are getting in touch with me from across the world — Canada, Australia and Hong Kong,” he adds. “Over the past few months, we have created 250 resumes.”

He goes on to talk about the role infographics plays in CVs. “I started this as a student because I believed resumes were becoming very monotonous. Creative resumes showcase your skills rather than just your qualifications and help companies select the right candidate. Recently, we’ve got some experts from across industries to comment on this.”

Though freshers — mostly from the 20 to 28 years age group — form the majority of his clientele, those with some experience, especially ones looking to make career shifts, have also approached the startup.

Sumukh and graphic designer Sarup Das charge Rs 3,000 for a customised CV and Rs 1,500 to create one based on the templates available on their website. That works out to half of what it comes up to if people approach graphic designers in the city who charge on an hourly basis, the entrepreneur claims. “We’re also looking at exploring other formats like video resumes,” he adds.

Moreover, a lot of journalism students want to do what I did — make CVs that look like a magazine. So I was thinking if someone wants to apply for a post at a company that manufactures juice, we could print it on a tetra pack.”

While he is looking for funds to take ‘Your Pitchh’ to the next level, Sumukh also started a Snapchat channel ‘Krypton TV’, co-founded by Rahul Jain, a couple of months ago.

“We have about 50 paid bloggers putting up stuff about workout routines, diet plans, food joints and other lifestyle trends. Sometimes they even stop and speak to people on the streets about something being talked about online — we want the content to be very raw and fresh,” he says. “Once we get more funding, we want to start in other cities as well.”

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