ASI mulls over banning selfies in Hampi

ASI mulls over banning selfies in Hampi

ASI mulls over banning selfies in Hampi

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is contemplating banning taking selfies near the monuments and serene locations in the heritage town of Hampi.

The Mahanavami Dibba, Anjanadri Hills, Matanga Hills, Malyavantha Hills and Hemakoota are among the favourite elevated spots for tourists to take selfies.

The stone structure of Mahanavami Dibba, with a height of 40 feet to 50 feet, has stairs on either side, making it a preferred selfie location. There are chances of tourists losing balance and falling off such places that are ideal to watch sunrise and sunset. What adds to the risk is the fact that people try to indulge in adventure for the best shot.

Another worry for the ASI is that there is a possibility of some of the monuments, especially the stone chariot on the premises of the Vijaya Vittala temple, in the heritage place being damaged in the selfie craze. For example, people sit on the wheels of the chariot for a selfie, which could harm the structure. 

The ASI is drawing up a plan to put up signboards across the town advising visitors against taking selfies. There have been instances of tourists falling down and injuring themselves while taking pictures on their mobile phones.

“Security guards have been instructed to stop people from taking selfies at these spots. But stopping the practice is difficult as thousands of visitors come here every day. We are contemplating on how to go about the ban,” Prakash Naikanda, deputy superintendent of the ASI Hampi Circle, told DH. However, he said that no final decision had been taken on the matter as yet. 

Umesh, a tourist guide in the town, is not happy with the idea. He says it is not proper to ban taking selfies altogether in risky places.

Visitors should be advised to take pictures on their mobile phones with utmost caution, Umesh said.
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