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Last Updated 16 September 2016, 18:32 IST

Rameet Kaur started making candles as a hobby when she was only 12. Even as she grew up, she didn’t stop pursuing the art.

It has been about 22 years since she got involved in candle-making; however, it is only a few years ago that she turned this activity into a profession. “I call my venture ‘Meehrr Handcrafted Candles’, where ‘Meehrr’ means a blessing from the almighty. Candle-making came as a blessing when I needed it and that is why I decided on this name,” says Rameet.

Before she took it up as a profession, she used to make candles and gift them to her friends and family which won her a lot of appreciation and encouraged her to stay focussed. Soon, she exhibited 150 candles at home and recalls that all of them were sold out within an hour. Orders kept flowing after that which kept her busy.

“I have exhibited my products at various flea markets and received a great response from people. What I learnt from these exhibitions was that the demand for learning candle-making was more than the demand for a readymade one. That inspired me to start candle-making workshops thereafter,” she adds.

She started by teaching kids about two years back following which she slowly moved to taking workshops for adults too. Rameet says, “‘Meehrr Handcrafted Candles’ caters to handcrafted candles for anyone who values art and looks for out-of-the-box ideas. Unlike mass production, I craft each candle with patience and love. I also customise them according to people’s ideas and requirements,” says Rameet.

Some of the most popular candles that people come looking for are the dessert candles. They are hot sellers for their edible looks and she uses the finest of ingredients to make them. ‘Cupcake’, ‘sundae, ‘pastry’ and ‘cappuccino’ candles are some of the most sought-after ones.

“The best part is that people keep coming to me as and when they get to know about the venture. It is all self-taught and I learnt it by experimenting and coming up with new ideas,” she says.

She uses three kinds of wax to create her products namely paraffin, gel and natural wax (which she uses to produce eco-friendly candles). She always has a theme in mind when she is working on her candles and creates a range based on that.

Rameet says that she is always clear about what she wants and works around it. “During Diwali, I make ‘barfi’- shaped candles which people can use as a gifting option instead of sweets. That becomes a unique gift during the festival. The same idea can be used during Christmas and other occasions,” explains Rameet.

For her, candle-making is something that requires patience and can’t be done under worry or stress. “I truly enjoy what I do. I am grateful to my family which has always been supportive and has encouraged me at every step. Especially my son, who sometimes comes to assist me when I am working,” says Rameet.

(Published 16 September 2016, 16:24 IST)

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