' I was pretty impressed with my role'

' I was pretty impressed with my role'

Gandhinagar Grapevine

' I was pretty impressed with my role'

Actor Sanjjanaa caught the first day, first show of her latest release ‘Just Akasmika’ in Anupama Theatre on S C Road and says that she was overwhelmed by the reaction of the audience.

“The audience was appreciative of every character in the film and it was clear from the loud cheering that they enjoyed the film. The hero of the film, Vinod, got the maximum applause. Although a newcomer, his performance seems to have left a positive impression in people’s hearts,” says Sanjjanaa.     

She admits that she’s glad to have worked on the project because the role was nothing like what she has worked on before. Sanjjanaa says the story is pegged on love in modern times. It has a gripping plot and suspense-filled plot. “The director is a good friend and he has also written the script. I was quite impressed with my role and the story has a unique style of narration.

I also like the way all the characters are neatly woven to make one engrossing story,” explains Sanjjanaa. The concept of love and those in love has been handled in a mature way. “I act opposite newcomer Vinod, which is another reason I accepted the project. Young talents bring a lot of life and energy into any project. He didn’t seem like a newcomer at all,” she adds.   

Sanjjanaa also has ‘Mandya to Mumbai’ ready for release. She confesses that this was one of the toughest roles that she has played till date. “We shot in real slums and were given a makeover that made us look unkempt,” she adds.

If ‘Dandupalya’ did well in bringing out the real picture of how the dreaded Dandupalya gang once operated in Bengaluru and were the prime accused in most of the incidents of murder that took place in the city during that time, its sequel ‘Dandupalya 2’ will have more revelations about the gang and details about their operations.

“I play the role of a cold-blooded murderer and it wasn’t easy for me to essay the character because it involved extreme emotions. Just watching the videos of the real gang in operation was quite scary,” she adds. The actor says that ‘Dandupalya 2’ has been put together after a lot of research.