State-of-the-art stations

Namma Metro

State-of-the-art stations

The designs of some of the Metro stations look like they belong to futuristic cartoon series Jetsons rather than to good old Bengaluru. Come December and most of these structures will be a reality. Bangalore firm Dutta, Kannan & Associates (DKA) has been awarded the contract for building eleven out of the 48 Metro stations and they believe that the stations would help improve the quality of urban life.

The Metro experience will not be about commuting alone but will offer food, shopping and entertainment options. The stations will contain spaces for retail stores, fairs, street performances and exhibitions. There are even talks of one of the stations opening into a mall.  The paid level in most stations will house retail spaces above which will be the platform level. All levels will be connected by escalators and stairs.

Great attention has been paid to the safety and functional aspects. All stations can be evacuated in a mere five minutes. They have been built with adherence to the rules of the National Fire Protection Association and international safety standards. Population estimates and local transit data have been kept in mind while designing the stations. In an effort to keep it eco-friendly, the stations have been designed such that no artificial light will be needed before 6 pm, informed the officials of  DKA.

But what are Bangaloreans expecting at the Metro stations? Hygiene and safety top Shaili Parsheera's list. “The stations should be clean with a lift when there are different levels. Stations should have shops selling books, magazines, newspapers, food and drinks. Most importantly, there should be enough safety and security measures. The Bangalore Metro could follow the Delhi example which has been hugely successful and popular,” she says.

Shruthi Ramakrishna values safety above all. “The Metro should be well lit at all places or else these will turn into homes for the homeless and crime spots. The Metro routes should be well mapped out and put up everywhere. It would also be fun if there is something to read on the walls while waiting, like graffiti,” she says.

Karishma, who has extensively used the Delhi Metro, feels that shops and cafes at stations are not used much. “Most people pass by them in a hurry. I would like to see the Bangalore Metro in operation soon.”

While it remains to be seen whether Metro will meet everyone’s demands, it is clear that Bangaloreans can look forward to the unveiling of not only the Metro but also its stations.

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