'I have my fingers crossed'

'I have my fingers crossed'

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'I have my fingers crossed'

For actor Rakshit Shetty, upcoming movie ‘Kirik Party’ is a reflection of his college days. There is no end to his excitement as the film wraps up in a couple of days and is aiming for a November release.

In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, Rakshit talks about the film which is also his first venture through his production house.

Your inspiration for the project...

My college days were filled with a lot of interesting incidents and the script has some of it. This is the first commercial script I ever wrote; even before ‘Simple Agi Ondh Love Story’. The film is a mix of reality and fiction though.

Tell us one such incident...

Though a lot of the script is fictionalised, there are many incidents that happen in every engineering student’s life, which will be seen here too. Some of them include the fun I can remember from my own days at hostel, where we would jam at the hostel and sing our own batch song. In the movie, we have a song composed especially for this, which I’m hoping will click with the college crowd.

Where was the film shot?

Almost 60 percent of the film was shot in Hassan and around 35 percent of it was shot in Bengaluru. There is one song, for which we travelled through many places including Hassan, Kudremukh, Udupi, Goa and Maharashtra. There are nine songs in the movie and this is the climax song. It required to show me travelling different terrains and was shot over five days.

Challenges faced on the sets...

We were shooting on a restricted budget and there were many scenes where we would need to show the college crowd. We would just gather students from the colleges for them, but since they were included in the film without a pay, we had to be extra nice and patient with them. It was a bit difficult to make them understand things. I also felt at certain points of the shooting that the film didn’t encapsulate each moment like I wanted it to, but that was because I was thinking from my own experience and connecting it to my own life.

How has the movie progressed?

We started shooting at May and the project kicked off well. We faced our own share of challenges, but I’m so glad that we managed to pull it off. We had a month’s break in between, since I have two looks in the movie. During this time, we edited the scenes with the background score and our first part of the movie was done. We have seen it and that worked as an advantage for us as we know what to work on for the second half to make the project click. Everyone in the team is happy.
Tell us about your two looks...

I play a first-year student in the first half, who is stylish and naughty. The second half of the movie will see me as a more serious person with a different hairstyle and a beard.

What genre does ‘Kirik Party’ fall under?

It’s a romedy with some elements of drama. The whole project was meant to be exciting and that is how it has turned out.

This is your first project under your production banner. How does it feel?

(Smiles) I am super-excited. We have worked with a lot of freshers including the female leads Rashmika Mandana and Samyuktha Hegde. The movie could have gone all wrong, but it hasn’t and I am glad. I have my fingers crossed.

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