Burst of flavours

Burst of flavours

It will be an added bonus to hang out at Factory by Sutra, if you are a beer lover. But beer lover or not, there is plenty at the restaurant to keep everyone hooked. There is a raw and hipster appeal to the place with photographs of women working in factories from the time of the Industrial Revolution, Edison bulbs, deep plates, and bare brick walls. 

We visited the place on a Thursday night which happens to be a live Sufi music night. So to get in the mood, we started with beer tasting which consisted a variety of light and strong beer, including ‘Premium Lager’, ‘German Wheat’, ‘Dark’, and ‘Dunkel Wheat’. 

We were then greeted by ‘Export Quality’, a strong cocktail which reminded us of Blue Lagoon but with a twist. Along came appetisers, among which ‘Delhi 6’ is a must try. Bursting with flavours, the dish looked similar to sev-puri, only with magnified intensity of flavours. 

Another must try from the appetiser section is ‘Kurkuri Bhindi Nachos’. Never before had we tasted okra in such style. It is one of those  munchies that can go perfectly well with any kind of drink. 

From the non-veg section of appetisers, ‘Tandoori Chicken Filled Bread Pockets’ was served. The pockets were filling but were not very flavourful. We then moved on to try some alcohol-based shots with a ‘Chulbuli Imli’ shot which was sweet and had an interesting taste. The second shot called ‘Liquid Processing Machine’ had absinthe, tequila, and kahlua, and was a delight to look at. 

The layers formed by these three different kinds of liquor made it look mesmerising. We expected it to get us a bit tipsy, but it was manageable. ‘Pan Seared Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce’ came in next on our table. The sour flavour on the fresh basa was worth appreciation and reminded us of kaffir lime. From the main course, we opted for ‘Mutton Curry’ and ‘Chicken Curry’. The mutton was juicy and tender and went really well with the soft bread. The ‘Chicken Curry’ was equally good. 

From the cocktails, Metrolife suggests experimental cocktails rather than the classic ones. From the mocktail section, guava-lovers will enjoy the ‘Spicy Guava Mocktail’. To top it all there is a ‘vaporesso’ section, where one can choose from a variety of flavours for vaporisers, which are a better alternative to a hookah. We were hooked to the pan flavoured vaporiser. 

The next was desserts and we were served the ‘Chocolate Lava Cake’ and ‘Apple Crumble’ with a side of ice-cream. The apple pie is really delicious but the lava cake takes away the prize. It had the perfect amount of firmness at the walls and is similar to a volcano erupting, once you break it. 

In the end, the bar tender served us one of his special drinks ‘Heart Apertif’. It had an obvious apple flavour with an aftertaste of paan. It is one of the best drinks we had at Factory. So do ask for the bar tender’s special drink. 
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