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Last Updated 22 September 2016, 18:27 IST
When I’m asked what a perfect weekend for me would look like, I would say the following — to go somewhere nice, out of the city, or be at home with family, do the things you like, feel tired by |the end of the day and enjoy good food. That being the
ideal option, with the schedule that I follow, it’s very rare that I get to enjoy them on a regular basis.

I am usually working on weekends, performing somewhere. It’s mostly abroad or other cities. The last couple of months have been hectic because of travel. But it’s a part of my work and I enjoy it. However, when I do get some time off, I like to do some sightseeing and enjoy the place.

If I am back home in Mumbai, I like to stay home and enjoy a good meal with my wife, Catherine. I enjoy cooking during my week off. My wife loves the chicken fry that I prepare. The mutton curry is the recipe that my mother taught me and it’s one of my favourites as well.

We also love visiting different restaurants when we’re travelling. I like ‘Smoke House Deli’, ‘Pali Village Cafe’ and ‘Yauatcha’, to name a few. I am open to trying any type of food and cuisine, so exploring new places always makes for an interesting experience.

Since I am mostly working on weekends, the little time I do get before and after, I sleep.

If I have a bit more time, I go for a workout at the gym. However, if I do have an extra day, I get out to explore the city. Depending on the location, my wife also comes along. 

When I go to UAE for a performance, I usually meet my old classmates and friends. They get to know that I am coming due to the show and we set up a time to catch up. In other parts of the world, there are a few sets of friends that I try to meet as well.

Before I got married, I liked doing things on my own and spending time with myself. I even went to movies on my own! You can’t really talk to anyone during the movie, so it didn’t make much difference. I also like going out and watching different artistes perform in the city that I am in.

Whenever time allows, I also visit my parents in Kerala. It’s always a breath of fresh air — even the water there tastes amazing. I like to hang out at home and spend time with my family. 

As I do love cooking, I enjoy sitting in the kitchen and watching my mother cook. Even if I volunteer to help her, she always sends me out. My mother is very systematic in the kitchen and a great multi-tasker. By the time I chop the onions, she would have completed all the preps for the meal. I hope that one day I’ll become as good as a
cook as her.

Catherine and I make time during my week off to catch up movie nights and date nights. We love watching ‘Masterchef’ — the only series that I regularly watch. Otherwise, I just watch whatever Catherine is watching. She loves her ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Nashville’, ‘Supernatural’  and ‘Empire’.  While it would be nice to have these light moments every week, it’s not always possible to squeeze them into the schedule all the time. But whatever time I do get, I make sure that I spend most of it wisely — even if it is to sleep.”

(As told to  Anila Kurian)
(Published 22 September 2016, 15:47 IST)

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