'Actors can't take over singers' market'

'Actors can't take over singers' market'

'Actors can't take over singers' market'

Playback is not a one-man job,” says Abhijeet Sawant, who forayed into music and entertainment industry about a decade ago, winning the first season of reality show Indian Idol. “You also have to create a good rapport with music directors to get projects,” he adds.

The singer, who recently sang ‘Sau Tarah Ke revisited’  and ‘Ishqa’ from John Abraham and Varun Dhawan-starrer ‘Dishoom’, says that while he could not give enough time to playback singing earlier because of reality shows, he has been seriously pursuing it since the last two years. “So the journey has just started,” he says.

Over the years, he released three albums, ‘Aap Ka Abhijeet, Junoon’ and ‘Farida’, and even lent his voice to songs like ‘Mar Jaawa Mit Jaawa’  from ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’, ‘Pungi’ from ‘Tees Maar Khan’, and ‘Bechain Sapne’ from ‘Chittagong’.

Talking about his tryst with reality shows, Sawant, who has also participated in
other singing competitions like ‘Asian Idol’ (2007) and ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar’ (2008), says that such shows are a very good platform for young, aspiring singers.

“When I was in school or college, there were very few shows. But today, if you see, 70 per cent of singers in the industry are from reality shows. It is extremely
important for one to showcase his or her talent, and such shows provide a platform to do the same,” the singer tells Metrolife.

He is, however, quick to add that judges’ comments and exaggerated feedback on the show can make contestants feel disillusioned. “Sometimes people get carried away by such comments; there needs to be a boundary. In the end, you need
to create your own path,”

he says, while admitting that he might not have got the same opportunities had he not been a part of reality shows.

“I started out at a time when there was the cassette culture, now singers are launching themselves on YouTube. So the music world has changed a lot over the years. Also, many producers are easy to approach now,” he shares.

On being asked about the trend of actors singing in their movies, Sawant
says that while “there is a market for everyone; actors cannot take over singers’

“It is not that easy. Today, technology has made it possible for anyone to sing. But then, it’s not easy to touch a professional singer’s market,” he says.