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Last Updated 02 October 2016, 18:32 IST

The Rio Olympics were quite a memorable affair for us in many ways. Firstly, we depended on our girls to stock up our sparse medal basket. Secondly, and more importantly, the whole country came together to cheer for sportspersons who were not from the field of cricket. This unprecedented enthusiasm for previously neglected sports is a welcome and timely change.

However, Bengaluru has always been receptive to sports in general and the growing number of startups in this field is a testimony to this. ‘Footieculture’ is one such startup which is a sports facilitator with expertise in football. Started by five engineers with a passion for this game of kicks, ‘Footieculture’ aims to provide platforms for footballers by organising competitive tournaments and other such events as well as by providing coaching to budding players at their academy.

“All five of us used to play for our universities but we just didn’t have any opportunities outside,” says Preetham Chandra, the MD and co-founder of ‘Footieculture’. “It was after conducting one tournament that we realised the potential for sports in the country. Nowadays, we deal with schools, colleges, corporates and even amateur footballers,” he adds.

Another startup which aims to make the process of playing the game itself easier is ‘Sportzify’ which aims to connect sports enthusiasts the nearest sports club. It also enables users to participate in any sports or fitness events, host their own event or connect with other players in the community. “It is very difficult for people to find a space for just one game,” explains Vikash Singh, CEO and co-founder. “The membership model doesn’t make sense for casual players. Also, online bookings don’t tell important details like the slots available, parking facilities, coaching rates and so on. ‘Sportzify’ gives detailed analytics and helps people search and book their spaces online on a ‘pay-per-hour’ basis,” he says.

The list is endless and the takers are many. There is ‘SportzVillage.com’, a sports management service provider which provides sports education and sports management to schools and corporates. ‘Oyeplay Sports’ is an online portal where the users can choose playgrounds, adventure sports and professional teachers. ‘XtremeZone’ is an adventure sports pioneer in India and offers experiences in the alternative lifestyle/recreation and adventure sports segment.

‘Playo’ is another familiar name in the sports circuit in the city that helps users to reserve playing spots at nearby venues, find coaches, and connect with potential competitors online.If you are a bit dazed, hold on because there is more coming. In a city where technology is the buzzword, startups are not left behind in upping their game with the help of science. Internet of Things startup ‘ReTiSense Technologies’ has introduced ‘Stridalyzer’, a sensor-fitted wearable insole placed inside running footwear.  The sensors connect with a smartphone app which then give details about the running form, style and various pressure points, and provides real-time advice to the runner to help him/her run with the correct form as well as estimate, analyse and alert about potential injuries.

‘SlamdunQ’ has an app that can be downloaded on any wearable device and provides inputs based on one’s actions and performance to improve skills. Coaches monitor movement, such as the bowling action or the golf swing, remotely and provide inputs to the users. Madhuvanthi A, the founder who has worked with Royal Challengers Bangalore earlier, got the idea for such a service after realising that there is a lot of technology available to the pro-level players which is out of the reach of aspiring players.
So, all those of you sitting in front of the television — what’s your excuse again?

(Published 02 October 2016, 16:22 IST)

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