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Women’s Reservation is a fair deal

Sir, Reserving 33 per cent of seats for women in parliament and in state assemblies is a fair deal. However, whether it will improve the quality of the proceedings in these legislative bodies is a matter of mere speculation. Despite a few shameful dramatic incidents, it was heartening to see the leaders in the Rajya Sabha, from both the opposition and the ruling coalitions speak in one voice supporting the bill.

K K Cherian

Good example set by PCB

This is the first time in the history of Pakistan Cricket that such a harsh decision has been taken against players like Mohammad Yousuf, Younis Khan, Rana Naved Ul Hassan Malik, Akmal brothers and Shahid Afridi. Pakistan will now have an uphill task in defending the T20 Championship in West Indies without 4 key players. If reports are to be believed what experienced and mature cricketers like Younis Khan and Yousuf did is not right. They have no right to misguide their teammates. This would be a strong message to all those players who are using their power to misguide and spoil the unity and morale of their team. Talking about the other players Afridi deserved the ban for setting a wrong example in front of millions of viewers watching him with a hope of a quality positive spirited match. Ball tampering is completely an unacceptable act. The positive news is that this will certainly give the young cricketers in Pakistan to prove their worth. This would also help in improving the degrading and dishonest quality of cricket that Pakistan is playing for some time now. I hope we will come across a better Pakistan team in the future that plays with responsibility and dedication to their nation and Cricket.

Adarsh Bhardwaj

Water injustice

This is to bring to your kind notice that the Ulsoor Road i.e., between Dickenson Road and Begam Mahal Circle is the only place in Bangalore which has been affected by erratic and irregular water supply to the tune of a meager of 1 bucket of water every alternative day. Several complaints have been given to the concerned authorities but has gone in vain.

The closing and opening of valve to feed the water is outsourced to an agency, who is an ex-employee of BWSSB. It is noticed that the person who opens the valve is partial to people who give him money. This is a perennial issue since a long time.

I hereby request the higher authorities to treat this on top most priority and rectify the same at the earliest.


A historic bill

Fairer sexes in our country were subjected to continued subversion for decades together and this bill is really a historic and gained global importance.  It is likely to become a statute when it passes the test in the Lok Sabha.   Specific classes should be incorporated in the law so that women from the learned class and the lower strata of the society also find a place in the seats of Parliament and State Legislatures earmarked for them.   Political parties should also see that tickets are given not only to the affluent but also to the well deserved so as to give a better meaning for democracy and self-rule.

N. R. Ramachandran,

Towards women’s emancipation

With the women reservation bill crossing the major man-made hurdle in Rajya Sabha perhaps a new era for women emancipation is all set to dawn? But we have to go beyond legislation to restore their dignity and equality of opportunity beyond gender bias. There is urgent need to change our mindset and make a beginning in our homes. The rationale that only males can carry forward the lineage needs to be introspected deeply. These days there is hardly any difference between boys and girls. One should be thankful to get a healthy and normal child to perpetuate the life through one’s genes which continue in either case. All aspects of gender discriminations must be examined to avoid distortions in society. Following can go a long way to end the present inequity-

Firstly, all women must become part of the work force and not just get tied down to hearth and home. They must be trained on useful vocations and contribute to the GDP growth as in other countries.

Secondly, adequate reservations would also be required for them in government and semi government jobs –with overall not exceeding fifty percent.  

Thirdly the girl child must get equal share along with her brothers and not allowed to gift her share to any one. In agricultural communities, there could be some adjustments of land. The property should remain in her name and not get transferred to her husband or her children while she is alive. Dowry has been a clever ploy to deprive the girl child of her share in the property and it must end forthwith.

Fourthly, there should be no need to change the surname of the girl after marriage. Husband’s surname can be included in wife’s name. Names of both father and mother must be indicated in all important documents.

Lastly the eldest child wheatear boy or girl - should get the right to perform the last rites of the parents.

Raghubir Singh

A nightmare road

As a senior citizen in Ramachandrapura (Jalahalli Post) I am very sorry to inform you that the main road, which was dug haphazardly, to put tar on it, has left to the dogs for more than two weeks now.  People find it very difficult to walk and less said the better about vehicle users to drive on this dirty road now.  Earlier the road was so nice and it is not known why the authorities have taken the haste decision of putting the tar just to through the road like this!

People, especially women, children and aged cannot walk on this road. Many stones and big slabs, which were brought to cover the drainage, have been through on either side of the road.  This is again causing a lot of inconvenience for the public.

Will the concerned authorities look into this terrible problem at the earliest and take immediate action to put tar on the road without further delay?

Dr. S Raja Reddy

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