After MBA, she just loves being village sarpanch

"My desire to serve my village was the reason I fought the recent local elections," said Chavvi, who was elected a month ago as  sarpanch in Soda, a small village of Tonk district 60 km  from state capital Jaipur.

"My grandfather Brigadier Raghubir Singh was elected  sarpanch from Soda for a record three consecutive times and it was his wish that I follow in his footsteps," Chavvi told IANS.

A former student of Rishi Valley, Bangalore and Delhi's Lady Shri Ram College, Chavvi has a business management degree from Pune. But she does not miss the fast life of the city.

"It is only a month since I became a sarpanch. But I am loving it. I do not have any complaints about being out of city or corporate life and devoting my time to my village," said Chavvi.

"For me rural life is not new. I am quite used to it. I grew up playing with kids of farmers".

Dressed in jeans and T-shirt, and fondly called "baisa" - a term of respect in the local lingo - she spends hours daily with the villagers trying to sort out their problems.

"The villagers here have high hopes from me and I will not let them down," she said. "I want to see this village on a fast development track. I know water is a big problem here as it has got high fluoride content. I will try my best to solve this issue," she added.

She said her other priorities are to provide electricity and get proper roads built in Soda. "I want villagers to work for the development of the village and not to spend time looking for help from others. Villagers have got used to things not working - I  have already told them about this. I have to change that. I go on surprise visits and I am very happy that now even women are taking active part in the activities," said Chavvi.

"Besides spending time in village, I also help my family in running and managing a hotel we have in Jaipur," she said.

Rajawat also runs E-quest, a riding academy in Jaipur.

A woman of Soda village said, "Baisa spends time with us. She takes care of us and tries to sort out our problems. She helps us in taking right decisions." But Chavvi says this is how far she wants to go in politics.

"I do not want to get further involved, in any capacity in politics. I just wanted to help my villagers and I feel  this is the best way to make a difference," she said.

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