The art of making good conversation

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The art of making good conversation

If people think the young are making petty conversation and engaging in frivolous gossip, think again. The young are above such small talk and have proven that there are other, bigger and more interesting things that excite them.

Metrolife spoke to a few youngsters across the City and asked them what they like talking about. Their interests were varied and diverse. They said that they discuss anything from politics, music, current affairs to developmental issues. Most are up-to-date with the latest in just about any field. For some, making interesting conversation stimulates their mind and imagination, some others feel that conversation is important to stay in touch with friends.

Aprameya, an engineering student says that his friends’ circle discusses everything under the sun. “We talk about the latest movies and songs, political issues and other happenings in the City as well as in other colleges. Most of the time, our topic revolves around music and movies. We chat about the various rock bands which are going to perform or have already performed in the City.” He further adds, “I don't think it’s a waste of time because we indulge in sensible conversation, one that involves exchange of valuable information and knowledge.”

Debraj Sinha of R V College says that whatever makes headlines in newspapers will be the topic of conversation for him and his circuit of friends. “For hostellers like us, the canteen is an ideal place for gossip. We debate on current issues and explore different angles of an incident. But politics and politicians never figure in our discussion. Along with this, we chalk out our plans for the weekends, share information about the campus and talk a lot about movies,” he quips.

He feels that these conversations with a bunch of friends has helped him sharpen his body language and communication skills. “I was a very shy guy who hesitated to talk with anyone. Now, I can speak with people more confidently. This chat has helped me develop good communication skills and broadened my knowledge level,” he says.
Siddeshwar, a mechanical engineering student has various options as far as chatting with friends is concerned. He enjoys the company of his friends and their conversations are endless. “We talk a lot about films. It’s the best way to kill time. I think such talk help us stay in touch with friends and make new ones as well,” he reasons.

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