Students use water as additive to improve mileage

Offering a ray of hope, four students of mechanical engineering from GSS Institute of Technology, through their final year project, have found a way to increase mileage of automobiles by 15 to 20 per cent and also decrease the emission of carbon-monoxide by 90 to 95 per cent.

And all this, by using just water in addition to the petrol, diesel or gas.

Sanjay A Bhide, Praveen J, M Ravi Kiran and Subbaiaha S T, have developed a new device which uses water as an input and gives di hydroxy (hho) as output that can be used as an additive to the fuel which increases combustion rate and decreases the emmission rate.

Explaining the process, Sanjay told Deccan Herald that the device (cell) developed will contain water, and it be connected to the batteries of the vehicle.


The cell will receive the power from the batteries via the alternator thereby breaking up the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen atoms, which are further infused into the intake manifold of the engine.

The hydrogen and oxygen in the engine will then boost the combustion process, thereby reducing wastage and resulting in higher mileage.

Low emission

On decreasing the emission of carbon-monoxide, Praveen explained, “The emission of carbon-monoxide occurs due to incomplete burning of the fuel. With the infusion of oxygen and hydrogen through our device, the combustion process will become more efficient, thereby reducing the emmission.”

Both the claims of decreasing emission of carbon-monoxide and the increase in the mileage have been tested and proved.

The students have got an emission test of the bike done before and after the use of the device and got positive results. And also the mileage test has been positive. One question that remains is, are the big names in the industry blind to such developments or have they tried it and seen negative results.

But, one thing that is clear is that if this can be worked on and made more efficient, the future only looks bright.

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