'GenY wants it all without hard work'

'GenY wants it all without hard work'

A study of 16,507 Americans spanning three decades concluded that those born in the late 1980s, the so-called ‘Generation Y’, expect to ‘have their cake and eat it’. They — today’s young workers — want jobs with big salaries, status and plenty of leisure time, without having to put in the hours, the researchers said. The members of the generation, it appears, considers themselves to be ‘entitled to it all’ and for them hard work is an alien concept, the “Daily Mail” reported.

They want a job with an easy pace and lots of holidays. They are also less likely to want to work overtime, the survey found. In other words, the younger generation wants to ‘have their cake’ in big salaries and ‘eat it too’ by retaining a healthy work-life balance, said the researchers.

For the study, published in the “Journal of Management”, researchers asked the volunteers across three generations — Generation Y, Generation X and the generation before that — to complete surveys to gauge their attitudes as they were finishing secondary school and compared their work values.

The team observed distinct differences in their attitude. The ‘biggest change’ in work values was the increased desire for leisure time among GenY. While GenX can be loosely described as the ‘live to work’ generation.

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