Online learning: Coursera adds 60k learners a month from India

Online learning: Coursera adds 60k learners a month from India

Online learning: Coursera adds 60k learners a month from India

Coursera, a California-headquartered education platform, has been adding about 60,000 members every month  with 1.7 million learners already on board in India.

Coursera Chief Business Officer Nikhil Sinha, who was in the city recently, told DH that a quarter of its Indian learners are interested in technology skills (Computer Science courses).

“Technology and Data Science are the top two areas that are in demand in India, and they are followed by business. India is a very prominent learner market for us because of the combination of a young population with significant aspirations, and where education is the most important mechanism for social mobility, and where there is a large English-speaking workforce, and where people are willing to invest in education,” he said, adding that 20% of Coursera’s users learn only on mobile.

Coursera partners with top universities and organisations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone to take. Recently, it entered into a partnership with Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE) to offer curated educational content to Manipal Global’s over 1.5 million active learners and alumni community.

Coursera, which has 200 employees inclusive of 100 engineers, has over 22 million registered learners worldwide.

“Three-quarters of learners are from outside the US (76%), and nearly half are from emerging markets (44%). We partner with 146 of the world’s best universities and make their content available on our platform. Our university partners include Universities like Pennsylvania, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, and California, among others,” he said. Coursera offers over 1,500 courses and 150 specialisations.

When asked about its largest market, Sinha said, “The largest market is the US with nearly 25% learner base, followed by India and then China. In addition to 22 million learners today, we add half-a-million learners every month to our platform.”

Though Coursera began by making content available to anyone and anywhere in the world, recently it has launched a new business line — Coursera for Business.

“It is our first enterprise platform for workforce development at scale. Here, we take the content available on our platform, provide a number of services around it, and make them available to companies. Axis Bank is our first enterprise customer in India,” he said.
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“We are planning to target more such organisations, and we will be announcing many new deals in the next few weeks.”