Meet on cow slaughter ban

Meet on cow slaughter ban

 Seers Balagangadharanath (left), Dayananda Swami, Mathe Mahadevi and Vishwesha Theertha at the convention on cow slaughter ban in Bangalore on Thursday. dh photo
Udupi Pejawar Mutt seer Vishwesha Theertha said, “The cow and its progeny have to be preserved for the future generations and for conservation of environment.”  The parties across various political affiliations will have to come together to protect these animals by supporting the ban, he said.

He was addressing a convention of pontiffs and leaders of religious institutions here by the Cow Progeny Protection Force, All Religions Parliament and Federation of Organisations Making Karnataka Free from Slaughtering of Cow and its Progeny.

Adichunchangiri Mutt seer Balagangadharanath said it was wrong to kill and eat the meat of the animal which is worshiped by people. More goshalas have to be established to shelter cow progeny and the animals rescued from slaughterhouses.

Muslim National Manch Secretary K M Anees ul Haq said Muslims have not opposed the cow slaughter ban though he agreed that the employees involved with the slaughterhouses are worried about their jobs. The Government will have to promise these employees job security.

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