'My music has always talked about my state of mind'

Rap world

'My music has always talked about my state of mind'

For Vignesh Shivanand aka Brodha V, the world of rapping was all that he could relate to.
In a chat with Tini Sara Anien, the young artiste talks about his journey in the world of music and the changing world of hiphop.

How did the name happen?
I was 17 when I got into rapping. This was the age when everyone was referring to the other as ‘bro’.
Old school hip-hop music and other forms of music referred to brotherhood and thus the name fell in place. The ‘V’ in ‘Brodha V’ stands for Vignesh.

How did your interest in rap develop?
I was frustrated as a teenager and I related to the medium like none other. Hiphop reached out to people and was a great space to vent out one’s anger and narrate their story. Hiphop music is lengthy. Every emotion can be captured in it.

How has hiphop music changed over the years?
I started almost nine years ago and the scene has changed drastically from then. The scene is way bigger now and there are a lot of artistes now. A lot of shows are also being offered to people now. Be it college festivals or other venues, b-boying to rapping can be seen commonly now. Hiphop will soon become one of the biggest artforms.

What inspired you?
I used to pen thoughts down before I started off. I remember having listened to a work of AR Rahman’s and it made me think how different the music was. It was different from what I would hear on the radio. Hiphop gives one a platform for things and I took up the challenge. I soon realised that I could rhyme sentences and end them well. And here I am!

Hiphop music scene in Bengaluru…
It’s growing by the day. The scene is very vibrant. In fact it is growing across the country. We did a competition at a recent event where we invited different artistes and got a great response.

How has your music changed?
My music has always talked about my state of mind — from being angry to sad, being lost to not being able to express things. It has changed according to what I wanted to express.

How fast can you rap?
I have always been able to rap fast. But rap is more about lyrical content than the tempo. If there is a good amount of poetry in it, it works great.

Your biggest influences…
My deepest inspirations are Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Eminem etc. They haven’t shaped my music though. Most of my works are based on day-to-day life.

Some of your interesting experiences with hiphop…
It feels nice when I see people recognise my lyrics at events. They even respond by singing along with me which makes me really happy. This proves how wide the hiphop scene is now.
At an event, where I and my group won an award, Vishal Dadlani gave us the award and announced onstage that he would be associating with us for a track. We didn’t take it too seriously till we got offstage and he gave us his mobile number and told us to be at the studio by 12 the next day.
This is how the song ‘Ready Steady Po’ in ‘Chennai Express’ happened.

If not a rap artiste…
I have no idea! I would probably be a music producer. (Smiles) This is the only thing I know.

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