Realtor stable; brother denies involvement in firing

The doctors attending on him have stated that he is out of danger, said the police.

Meanwhile the accused, Venkatarama Reddy is trying to get bail. Considering that he has committed a non-bailable offence, Reddy may not get bail easily. Police say that he will be produced before the magistrate on Monday night, and will be taken to custody for further investigation.

Land dispute is said to be the main cause for the firing. Srinivas Reddy who is in deep financial crisis due to the meltdown of the real estate industry was trying for readjustment of properties and rates with his brother Muni Reddy. Hence, he was after Venkatarama Reddy, who is a relative of both the brothers, for mediation, added the police.

However, Srinivas Reddy’s brother N Muni Reddy claimed that his name had been unnecessarily dragged into the incident, and that he was not involved in any property dispute with his brother. Venkatarama Reddy and Srinivas Reddy were drunk when the incident happened, according to release by the police.

Venkatarama Reddy opened two rounds of fire with his .25 revolver at Srinivas Reddy injuring his abdomen at the former’s house on Sunday night. The incident occurred when Srinivas Reddy and two of his friends had come to Venkatarama Reddy’s house to discuss a property-related dispute. Venkatarama Reddy had claimed that he was forced to open fire as the trio started thrashing him. One of the bullets passed through the abdomen, while another scraped through the chest.

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