Glued to glamour

Glued to glamour

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Glued to glamour

Move over saas-bahu serials as it’s time for the Indian Premier League (IPL) to take the front seat. For the last two seasons, one has noticed that the IPL has obviously been packing a big punch with the viewers, women in particular.

Studies have shown that during the IPL season the number of women watching the game increases. So what is it about IPL that women are so gung ho about it? Many say that though cricket is the centre of attraction, it is also a part of an entire package of glitzy shows, celebrity spottings and other entertaining elements that are equally important.

With matches being shown live at 8 pm, the prime time on television, many don’t mind giving up their favourite show to catch the match. Abhaya, an HR professional, jokes that IPL season is that one time when the fight over the remote control stops. “The fact that there is so much of action and glamour attached to these matches, it surely  brings in a change from the reality shows,” she adds.

Jyothi, a student, says that though her exam preparations will be on, the IPL is something she would not like to miss. “The IPL is the new buzz in town. Everyone talks about it and the curiosity just pulls me towards it. Plus it’s only on for three hours so it won’t take up too much of my time which allows me to balance both my studies and entertainment,” she adds.

But not all women are glued to the IPL for its glamour. Some genuinely have a fascination for the game. Says Nayantara, another student, “Since my dad and brother are both big cricket fans I too started taking a liking towards the game. But more than the entertainment surrounding the game it’s the duration of the match that appeals to me,” she adds. Her friend Shravanti too agrees that the duration is the major factor that pulls her to the game. “It’s really nice that such big names in cricket come over and play for our City. Moreover, there is also this sense of pride of supporting our State players,” adds Shravanti, who prefers the IPL as compared to the other regular matches.

With each woman having her own reason to watch the match, there’s no doubt that the upcoming IPL season will soon have many women glued to the matches.