Non-cooperative parents punished on Day One

Back to school: City roads turn chaotic

Non-cooperative parents punished on Day One

Vehicles of parents that violated traffic regulations were either towed away, fined heavily or booked.

Over 30 two-wheelers were towed away from Residency Road and St Marks Road alone as the traffic police struggled to cope with unruly parents outside prominent schools in the area. Over Rs 3,500 was collected as fine from parents and nearly twenty cases of field traffic violations were booked on the two roads.

Sanjari Chatterjee, a parent said, “The problem are the over anxious parents who want to escort their children all the way into the classrooms. Parents come, park their vehicles, lock  and disappear making it inconvenient for school managements and other parents.”
The Ashok Nagar traffic inspector, Geetha Kulkarni said that despite deploying inspectors and constables from other police stations, regulating traffic was proving to be a tough task. “Parents are just parking wherever they want to despite creating awareness and making arrangements,” she said.

However, several parents blamed the schools as well as the arrangements made for the traffic chaos. Sapna Baldwa, another parent said that the schools and all classes reopening on the same day resulted in all parents coming together. She said “The schools could have made sure that the reopening was on different days for different classes.”

Shivam M P, a parent, squarely blamed the school for the chaos. “The school has said that they will allow parents to drop their children inside the school only after three days. Of course, we will have to wait outside because there is no parking space,” he said. The school meanwhile, will be collecting a fee of Rs 3000 from parents who want to drop and pick up their children.

However, ACP Lokesh from Adugodi Police Station said that arrangements were made to park on one side of the road, but parents just do not co-operate. “All parents insist on coming and they park their vehicles or stop in areas designated as no-parking. Despite that we have managed to control the traffic,” he said.

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