'I dream to be a director soon'

'I dream to be a director soon'

'I dream to be a director soon'
Despite being a fresh face in the Kannada film industry, Ashwin Rao Pallakki is confident about his upcoming project ‘Kirik Party’. His dream to work with actor Rakshit Shetty came true with this project. The actor, in a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, talks about his role and the movie.

How did ‘Kirik Party’ happen?

I had acted in short films like ‘Shavepuri’, which was directed by Abhishek Kasaragod and was screened at the Bangalore International Short Film Festival. The second project by the same team, which was called ‘Refill’, fetched me attention and somehow Rakshit saw this movie. This got me to  ‘Kirik Party’. He asked me to come and join the project. I had missed the audition for the movie, but I was really excited when I got the call.

What made you accept the role?

It was my dream to act with Rakshit. His works had always convinced me about their quality and when I heard about this project, I rushed to his office. The movie sounded like a fun project. I was expecting to do only a few scenes in the movie but when he asked me for a 60-day call sheet, I was pleasantly surprised. I asked him why he needed so many days and he assured me that my role was no less than the main role.

A bit about your role...

I play Ravi, a fun-loving college student who is an intrinsic part of ‘Kirik Party’. He loves flirting with girls, including the heroines in the movie.

How did you prepare for the role?

(Smiles) I am a fun-loving person. There were many who were surprised by how well I fit in. It didn’t take much effort to portray Ravi.

Your chemistry with Rakshit and director Rishab...

Rakshit is a great human being. He is a workaholic and as a co-star he made sure that I understood the significance of each scene and the specifics of it. If he wasn’t convinced by a scene, he wouldn’t skip to the next one. I was actually tensed to act with him initially.

Rishab is one of the most encouraging directors one can work with. He is a gem of a person and would support everyone — from the technicians to the smallest roles — in the same manner. I consider it a blessing to have worked with the duo.

You’ve been in theatre and on the small screen too. How different is it to be on the big screen?

Theatre was a very nourishing experience. I left TV serials as I wanted to make it big. I dream to be a director soon and I am looking forward to the exciting experience of being seen on screen.

Are you more nervous or excited about the project?

I am definitely excited but also very nervous as this is my first film. I am looking forward to how the audience will accept me.

An interesting experience that happened on the sets...

There were two other people named Ravi on the sets and it would often lead to confusion. Everyone on the set called me Ravi (the character I play) too and I would rush to the spot thinking the team was calling out for me. In fact, even when Rishab would ask if the team was ‘Ready?’, I would hear it as Ravi and panic. (Laughs)

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