Poor representation for State in Gadkari's team

Poor representation for State in Gadkari's team

Senior leader Ananth Kumar, who is re-appointed as General Secretary, stands out as the only weighty representation in the new BJP organisational reconstruct at the Centre.  “They think one man is enough to represent aspirations of the party in a State where people have given a mandate to rule,” complained a young BJP MP from North Karnataka.

Permanent invitees to the National Executive –– B S Yeddyurappa (as Chief Minister) and V S Acharya (as leader of Upper House) and special invitees Suresh Kumar (State minister), Jagdish Shettigar (former economic advisor to former PM A B Vajpayee) and Vaman Acharya (prominent member of BJP think tank in the State) have no “meaty” role to play in the freshly done BJP power structure.

Former party state president Sadananda Gowda who expressed “hope” to land a  key central post has been put in the newly created category of “others” as an invitee to the National Executive.

The poor representation of Karnataka is in stark contrast to high-loaded slots offered to states like Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra (not in power), Bihar (coalition) and Uttar Pradesh (not in power).

Gadkari on Tuesday announced party’s National Executive. It consists of 121 members, including 13 vice-presidents, 10 general secretaries, 15 secretaries and one treasurer. As provided for in the BJP constitution, the office bearers include as many as 13 women, 33 percent of the total number. In all, there are 40 women members. Besides, the President has also constituted BJP’s Parliamentary Board.