Mall mantra

A mall housed on 1.7 million square feet of shopping space built on 25,242 square meters of land with state-of-the-art facilities, is one of the contemporary architectural structures in the city. Mantri Mall City has been acknowledged as India’s largest mall with 252 outlets dealing with tens and thousands of brands selling just about everything under the sun.

Mall experience. The ambient atmosphere created by malls which translates as discomfort free shopping, high levels of safety and security, the credit and debit card facilities and the joy of shopping and entertainment has kept the tribe growing.

Bigger and better malls are mushrooming offering superior deals to the increasingly savvy customer who wants the best experience.

Mantri builders sensed the need of the hour and surveyed the possible locations and put their finger on Malleswaram as the spot for their potential mall eight years ago. The land at the tail end or is it at the head of Sampige road was the chosen spot. The land was purchased in league with the Shopping Center Association of India and Jonathan Yach, Mall Consultant, was appointed as head for mall management by Mantri Developers to see their dream come true. Yach who has had the rich experience of having worked in Cape Town, South Africa, on similar lines studied the area, its space and economy and took to the construction which lasted a good three years.

A capable professional management team worked on each and every detail to create a colossal mall which could be a reflection of a live, thriving and tangible economic investment in an eco-friendly atmosphere. No stone was left unturned during the planning or execution stages to make the mall city come true. In addition to the regular features of a mall like food courts, retail outlets, movie complex, promotional courts child care centre, high grade security among other things, the building houses a number of functional modern washrooms in which recycled water will be used. The 40-feet-wide corridors not only delete the claustrophobia factor but also give a sense of privacy to each shop and enough space for the customer to move at his own pace. The building has been designed in such a way that it is also physically challenged friendly. The mammoth parking space is enough to accommodate 1,800 four wheelers and 550 two wheelers at any given point of time.

Safety and security has been ensured at various levels by fixing CCTV cameras all over, fire protection and emergency exits in addition to the elevators and escalators.

The vertical mall development has helped to ease pressure on road surface area which is rampantly occupied by hawkers and squatters and are often illegal. Organised retail formats actually help ease the burden of municipalities in managing litter and waste.

In spite all its plus points, the Mantri group had to reckon with the residents of Malleswaram who have an unique culture of their own. The said mall can be considered even more special because it is situated in Malleswaram and a devoted Malleswaram ‘nivasi’ cannot think beyond Sampige Road and Margosa Road besides his friendly neighbourhood shop to cater to his needs, however great or small. The architects of this mall not only had the challenge of building a structure so mammoth but also had to keep in mind not to violate the sensibilities of a true blue Malleswaram Nivasi’s area.  
Interestingly enough various retail and food outlets offered to open a branch in the mall to help it retain its old world flavour. Traditional brands rub shoulders with international outlets to give the right flavour which is a mix of not only the east and the west but also the past and the present.

Subramaniam who has spent half a century in the area sighed as he remarked, “Nothing changes except change.” Prathima, 45, who was born and brought up in the area, said she was genuinely proud to have India’s largest malls next door to her maternal home.

Even as youngsters are checking out the international cuisine between the moves and entertainment one cannot but observe that High streets are integral to the life line of any city for they will exist in one form or another!

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