Wine combines with music


The Esperanto Soul Fusion performed at the Leela Galleria had conversation and cocktails follow uninterrupted. It was funny, the emcee had to chastise the crowds into being quiet and taking their seats.

Once seated, they seemed mesmerised by the magic created by the musicians. All credit to the skills of Gopal Navale on guitar, Geetha Navale on Veena, Michael Sorenson on Dijirido and Blues Harp and Natraj on the tabla. Together, they exemplified the beauty of fusion. The event combined cocktail party with a musical event.

The performance titled Duet for Poets was conceived by the Navales. Speaking about the project Geetha said, “we have been working on a lot of poetry because Gopal loves poetry and music. It aids people to understand poetry.”

Duet for Poets, exhibited how poetry can be set to music. Silver by Walter De La Mare, Miserere by William Jay Smith, And I Saw God Laughing by hafiz, and Excerpts from the Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore were all sung. All melodious renditions, they made one drift away. Michael Sorenson on Blues Harp was outstanding. He even performed the didgeridoo which is normally tough to play. He breathed life into these instruments coxing them into doing his bidding. Geetha Navale with her guitar is a genius. Gopal, the soul behind freedom jam, who has just started learning Carnatic music, knows the guitar too well. Natraj who played the Tabla is simply brilliant.

Though their music is a fusion of varied styles and influences, carnatic music remains its very core. Addressing the gathering, Gopal said that these poems are written in has musical parallels in them. The iambic pentameter is closely related to the Khanda Chappa Tala, he mentioned. The vocals for the performance were provided by Gopal. His strong voice had such clarity that the sheets of lyrics passed around seemed redundant.
The evening unravelled at a mellow pace. The wine and the music made for the perfect combination.

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