When city bonded with its band


When city bonded with its band

The shoppers at a City mall were treated to a performance by the Bangalore-based band Aurko during the weekend. As the mall celebrated its fifth anniversary, loads of prizes and goodies along with some catchy music awaited the ones present at the celebration. The band comprising Supratik on vocals, Jeet and Manas on lead guitars, Avik on bass and Biplab on percussions promised to keep the crowd entertained through out the evening.

“The audience is surely going to love our performance as the sounds are new and good,” said Imran, the lyricist and composer of the band. “We play rock versions of Hindi numbers along with sufi music as well.”

As promised, the band went on to perform their own compositions as well as covered a few popular Hindi numbers. Starting with the mantra Vakratunda Mahakaya, Aurko performed Tune Mujhe Pehchana Nahi from Raju Chacha. As the lead singer of the band, which has performed over 350 concerts in 17 cities, addressed the crowd, he said, “We have come here to meet you.” And this meeting had quite a few takers, who seemed to be enjoying the music.  The band went on to sing Nadiyaa from their album Nadiyaa, which according to them is that song, “that made them famous.” “It is all about Indian rivers and folk,” announced Supratik as they kickstarted the song. “Nature and roots are our inspirations,” noted Imran.

R D Burman seemed to be a major inspiration for them as well, as they covered Pancham da’s classics like Meri Soni, Yeh Jawani and Hum Bewafa in a louder way loaded with sounds of strings. In between the performances, questions were asked and prizes were distributed amongst those present. After the concert, a cake was cut as a part of the celebrations.  

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