What is haute and what is not

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What is haute  and what is not

As the clock strikes 12, a brand new year will be born, giving each of us a chance to start afresh. For fashionistas, it means a new set of styles and trends to adopt and a whole lot of exciting shopping to do. Deccan Herald spoke to experts across the country about the fashion diktats to adhere to so that you can look haute in the upcoming year.

Flowery style

The new year will see an explosion of feminine elements like floral prints, exaggerated lengths and a play of volume. “The spring-summer season will see the comeback of the soft feminine look of the 80s. We’re talking pretty flowing skirts, floral prints, romantic cuts, soft fabrics, frills and ribbons. Ruffles, exaggerated long, puffed, feminine and volumed sleeves and a plethora of airy laces, sheer fabrics in soft silhouettes and delicate detailing will be in this year,” say Aanchal and Sanjana Bubber of Bubber Couture.

Feminine distortion of volume, billowing skirts, mermaid skirts, cinched sleeves, soft shimmer dresses and off-shoulder necklines will constitute the hottest looks for the spring-summer season, says Neeraj Choudhary, co-founder, Eshopbox, adding, “Say goodbye to sticky pants in summers and get yourself cool parallels. Think culottes, palazzos and romper pants. The button-up trend is in, be it a shirt dress or a front-buttoned skirt. ”

Capelets have been ruling the fashion scene ever since their emergence. “They come back every season with a slight modification. Capelets have a retro yet chic feel. Go wild with colours and patterns that accentuate your own style,” advises Dimple Mirchandani, founder, Secret Dresser.

What men want

Pink has now found its way into men’s fashion, as have bold floral prints. “Layered ensembles featuring distressed and washed denims have saved their place in 2017, while light denim shirts are similarly dapper. Do away with short-sleeved shirts and roll up your long sleeves instead, or wear a t-shirt,” avers Sanjeev Mukhija, founder, Breakbounce.

Double-breasted peacoats in textured fabrics are versatile and utilitarian, and are apt for fun, fashion and business. “These sharp-fitted coats, styled in short lengths, tick all boxes of the millennial man’s clothing wishlist and thus are a must-have for autumn-winter 2017. Wear it over a flat-knit turtleneck or a blazer and combine it with soft denims or dressy flannels and you will never go wrong,” says a spokesperson from Tailorman.

Playing with the patterns is in this year. “How about a jacket with gun club checks and polka dots? Also try a combination of herringbone patterns and glen plaid checks. Besides these, spotted fabrics and jacquards will rule the men’s tailoring industry,” says Rohan Gupta, director, Sartojiva.

Mamtaa Gupta, founder and owner, Buzzaria Dukaan, says, “Stripes will be the equivalent of what the white t-shirt used to be back in those days.” A spokesperson from Threads and Shirts, adds, “Playing with prints has not been restricted to shirts, it can be done on ties as well.”

Sanjiv Shroff, director, Camessi, opines, “We believe checks will be in vogue next year. Also, black and white and monochrome shirts will be all the rage. As for trousers, we are looking at coloured styles as men these days have starting adopting bolder looks.”

Old is gold

Vintage box pleats are said to rock closets in 2017. “From Alexander McQueen to desi brands, every label is obsessed with classic pleated ensembles. This trend will continue to gain popularity this year and rock prêt wear as well as elegant couture garments,” says Ashima Sharma, fashion designer, Ashima S Couture.

In fact, bringing back old trends seems to be the way forward. Mithun Gupta, director, Bodycare International, says, “We foresee this running parallel to new designs. Athleisure wear made a formidable impact in 2016 and should continue to be a major fashion trend in 2017 as well. Cold shoulder tops will also stay in women’s wardrobes.”

Likewise, romance continues to be a key theme. “It is seen in Victorian styling, soft florals, ruffles, lace, and high neckline detailing. Biker influences will be strong this year, with the classic leather biker jacket being the one garment everyone should have in their wardrobe. However, the look will be softer for women,” says a spokesperson from London Design Team, Cover Story.

Bridal style

Designer Rohit Bal suggests that when it comes to bridal fashion, the focus should remain on the styling rather than heavy embellishments and complicated outfits. “Beautiful fabrics like cutworks, jamdanis, dhakais and chanderis are what I like to use. They are organic but at the same time, they have that bridal feel. For grooms, similar to my collection showcased at Van Heusen and GQ Fashion Nights 2016, looks will be experimental with a strong sense of adventure.”

Designers have grabbed on to the bell-sleeve silhouette and are not letting it go anytime soon. “Put on a pair of straight-leg jeans with a bell-sleeve ribbed sweater and ladylike heels. For an evening out, pair a statement top with a pencil skirt. By opting for a cream palette, you can look fresh and youthful. For a fall party, balance a long hemline and voluminous sleeves by opting for an off-the-shoulder dress,” says Zarine Ahmed, co-founder, Findow.

Sheen and shine are definitely going to be a major trend in 2017. “Metallics, satin and velvet are the fabrics of the season. They have been incorporated not only in the more dressy party styles, but also casual wear. Add bling to your look in the form of a metallic crop top, satin jumpsuit or velvet track pants like fashion elites like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner,” says Priyanka Agarwal, founder, Uptownie 101.

Colour correct

Pantone shades like Niagra, a soft blue hue that can be matched with anything, will be in. Primrose Yellow, Lapis Blue Dramatic Orange, Kale Green, Pink Yarrow and Dark Hazelnut are other colours that will rule clothes in 2017. Designer Karan Arora says, “2017 is going to get deeper on colours with neat and structured cuts, details and minimalistic bling as opposed to 2016’s pastels with bling and asymmetrical cuts.”

Fashion designer Hardika Gulati adds, “Graphic waves and technical wars will be the most popular colour trends. While khaki will rule the market like never before, it is the fusion and blend of patterns and textures that will catch the fancy of many fashion lovers.”

Anshu Choudhury, stylist, Craftsvilla, adds, “From tiny all-over prints to placement prints, florals are perfect for the summer and holiday seasons. Powder blues and milky pinks, pastels will rule 2017.”

The mantra seems to be simple – make sure that you are comfortable wearing what you are and that it suits your body type. That should make sure you steer clear of a good deal of fashion faux pas.

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