Dramatic silhouettes

Dramatic silhouettes

Dramatic silhouettes
With a belief that designing should be an answer for people seeking the perfect fit, designer Smriti Jhunjhunwala took her first step into the fashion industry four-and-half-years ago. And since then, she has always succeeded in adding a surprise element to each of her collections, the latest being the fluttering cape sleeves. In a chat with Surupasree Sarmmah, the young designer gets candid about her love for food and fashion, her fashion philosophy, her latest collection and much more.

It has been four-and-a-half-years in the industry...
I always wanted to be in the fashion industry. I remember the times when my mother used to take me to the tailor and I used to dedicatedly involve myself with the creation of various patterns and designs I would like to have in my outfit. That’s when the interest grew in me and it became stronger as I grew up. For me designing is all about the perfect fit and I wanted to give people just that.

Have you ever thought of an alternate profession?
If not a designer, I would have definitely been doing something in the food industry. I would have perhaps opened a cafe or a restaurant. Food and fashion have always been my main attractions.

Your latest collection looks edgy and contemporary...
Capes are something that always fascinated to me. Cape sleeves are very chic, classy and timeless; the extra burden of carrying a dupatta with an attire is dropped to a great extent and makes the outfit more easy to wear. I have included more embroidery on the capes and kept the gowns and bottoms subtle. The highlighted colours are navy blue, beige, maroon, greys, pink, gold and peach. Georgette, butterfly net and crepe are some of the primary fabrics I have used in this collection.

Your favourite fabric to work with?
It has to be georgette. The fact that it is an extremely feminine and chic fabric makes it my most favoured material to work with.

If you are a new addition to the closet, which outfit would you like to be and why?
I would want to be a gown. Gowns are a great way to flaunt one’s feminine side and it can be both Indian and Western. It is a chic representation of a woman.

Three things you would like to have with you, if you are stranded in an island...
A bag full of food, the book I will be reading at that point of time and a few magazines.

What is your fashion philosophy?
Pick what you like. Fit and fall are the major aspects of an outfit, as it defines your personality.

Do you like to keep up with trends...
I don’t really keep up with trends, especially when it comes to colours. I like to use whatever feels and looks the best. However, I look up for trends for reference and to keep myself updated.

Anyone you would like to dress up?
Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone.

Your views on sustainable fashion...
People have become more open to sustainable fashion these days. It is becoming popular in India and is definitely here to stay.