For some extreme action

For some extreme action

For some extreme action
The sight of a rider doing a wheelie and then spinning on one wheel is sure to leave you wondering whether the person at the wheel has ever experienced fear. It takes a lot of guts to perform stunts and more than anything, the person at the wheel has to be a trained professional. The many bike stunts that one gets to see on the streets are illegal and invite stern action from the higher authorities. But here is a group of professionals who also happen to be professional stunt riders.

They’ve not only performed on different platforms across the city but have also taken it upon themselves to educate people about the safety measures involved while performing stunts. This group of stunt riders, comprising Rizwan, Jupsy, Kalander, Dempsy, Mahesh and a few others, says that this hobby gives them the much-needed break from their usual work routine. While their regular jobs keep them occupied through the week, they get together on weekends to practice their stunt moves.

Jupsy, who leads the team, says that he got into stunt riding because he was curious about how professional riders perform these daring acts to perfection. “The first thing that I understood after watching some of the foreign videos on stunt riding is that one has to be a thorough professional to be able to perform these daring acts. I got trained before I ventured into performing. I also make sure that every member of the team first understands the intent and philosophy of the group before wanting to be a part of it,” he explains.

Kalandar Naushad, another member of the team, couldn’t agree more with Jupsy about the uncompromising attitude of the team towards wearing safety gear. “The first thing that struck me about the group is their positive approach towards stunt riding. I noticed that they would never venture out without wearing the necessary safety gear and would strive to educate people about why bike stunts should never be performed in public places,” explains Kalandar. He has not only been a part of their stunt performances but of their adventure rides as well. The group has a sizeable number of students too. Mahesh, a student, joined the group in 2008. “It was the thrill of speed and the urge to perform some of the stunts that made me sign up with the group. But my approach towards stunt riding and interpretation of speed changed after I began training with the group. The emphasis on safety impressed me and changed my perspective towards a lot of things,” he says. Mahesh informs that the team always performs stunts in an open space in the outskirts of the city only after getting all the required clearances, including police permission.

Most of the bikes used by the team to perform have been modified, explains Dempsy, one of the founder members of the team. “The rear brakes have been connected to the handle bar to enable the rider to operate without any extra effort. The crash guard has been extended to help riders stand on it while doing the stunts. The jackets also have elbow guards and if the stunts are too dangerous, then there’s a chest padding available as well. The riders never venture out without wearing their knee guards and helmets,” explains Dempsy.

The extreme nature of stunt riding and the showmanship is what got Rizwan, another student, to become a member of the group. “I always dreamt of performing such daring stunts but never thought I would be able to do it myself. I’ve managed to overcome my fear and indulge in some extreme action after joining the group,” shares Rizwan.    

(The group can be reached on 9986464229)