'It is a dream come true for any musician'

'It is a dream come true for any musician'

'It is a dream come true for any musician'
Pop rock band ‘Best Kept Secret’ is only a year old but frontman Behram Siganporia says that 2016 was a fantastic year for them as they did over a 100 shows, went international and changed the band’s name from ‘One Night Stand’ to the present one. Behram says that they hope to continue the momentum in 2017, especially as the year opens with a rather dreamy international performance. He will be joining a bunch of travel junkies on a musical journey to the Northern Lights in Norway (organised by TheIndigoXP.com) and will perform for the group live inside traditional Nordic tents called ‘Luvvus’. In a chat with Anushree Agarwal, Behram talks about the trip, what he plans to perform there and the band’s plans this year.

Are you a travel junkie?
Whether I like it or not, I have become a travel junkie because the band travels a lot. We’ve done over a 100 shows in 2016 and taken close to 50 flights last year alone. I have become one by default!

So what’s the itinerary for the trip like?
We’ll be going to Norway on January 13 and as soon as we land, we’re going to be chasing the Northern Lights from the Norwegian Mountains. We will be travelling to Tromso in Norway and from there, we will move to chase the Northern Lights. It’s a really magical environment and am happy to be invited to perform there! It’s a dream spot for a performance.

The first night will be a small intimate performance for the few people who are there with us. On the second day, we’ll check out Tromso and try and catch the Northern Lights again. We’ll also take a crash course on riding the husky sledge and snowboarding followed by trips to Oslo and Tromso.

What do you plan to perform?
It’s the first time in my short little career in the music industry that I’ll be performing without my band. Usually I have them to back me up and make things sound great but this time, the pressure is on me. I have been working on some material. I am definitely going to be showcasing some of my band’s upcoming music and our recently released song ‘Can’t Let You Go’. I’ll be playing these in a very stripped down, acoustic format.

How excited or nervous are you?
I am not at all nervous; very excited in fact, because this is something which is on everyone’s bucket list. To see something which is like a natural wonder is just phenomenal. And not just getting to look at it but also performing at the Northern Lights is a dream come true for any musician. I would rate it as special as performing at a packed stadium. There’s a very different vibe to this whole trip and it’s just that the excitement levels have been high ever since I was invited to do this.

Are you hoping to interact with some music enthusiasts during this trip?
Given an opportunity, I’d love to explore what’s popular in Norway and meet up with a few musicians there. But I know we’re on a very tight schedule so am not sure if that will happen. I’d love to explore the live music scene at least in Oslo. Quite a few people actually signed up for this trip knowing that am going for it. That was an overwhelming response and I was humbled.

The band’s plans this year...
2016 was great as we released our first international music video. This year, we’ll be working on our next music video from the first week of February and then we have a whole set of releases coming up along with international performances.