BSP fields 97 Muslim candidates

BSP fields 97 Muslim candidates

BSP fields 97 Muslim candidates

In a bid to take advantage of the feud within the Samajwadi Party (SP), Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati has decided to field 97 Muslim candidates.

The Muslims, along with the Yadavs, form the core vote bank of the SP.

These 97 Muslim candidates will constitute almost one fourth of the total number of candidates in the state.

 Speaking to reporters here on Tuesday, Mayawati indicated that her party would go all out to woo the Muslims in the upcoming elections as it felt that the community was in a state of confusion following the infighting in the SP family.

“The SP feud has divided the Yadav community, who are decisive in 60-70 seats only. In such a situation, the Muslims should not support the SP,” the BSP supremo said.

She asked the Muslims not to waste their votes by supporting the SP, which, according to her, has a tacit understanding with the BJP.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not refer to the SP infighting in his rally here on Monday. It proves that the BJP and the SP are together,” Mayawati said.

“If Muslims support the BSP, then we will emerge winners as Dalits and upper castes are also with us,” the BSP chief added.

Plea for tactical voting
Mayawati also said that the Congress was not in the reckoning in the state and there was no use supporting the party. “Only the BSP can defeat the BJP,” she added. The Muslims constitute around 20% of the total electorate of Uttar Pradesh and play a crucial role in determining the winners in around 125 seats.