When family is the world

When family is the world

My perfect weekend

When family is the world

When I am not working, my life revolves around my family. Being in the profession that I am, I sometimes don’t get a chance to devote quality time to doing the things that I love to indulge in. If I am lucky enough to get a weekend all to myself, then I spend it at home and all my activities are planned around my family.

Ours is a small but close-knit family which includes my mother Neera Chopra, sister Shubhra, brother-in-law Agnello Mendonca and my naughty little niece Ayesha. All of us are scattered and stay in different parts of Mumbai.

Everybody is busy with their work and so, long weekends and vacations are the only time when we get the chance to meet. We make it a point to catch up at least twice a month and make the most of our time together. We never run out of topics to chat about because we rarely see each other and have so much information to share and topics to talk about.

When I am at home, I always end up watching a lot of movies, catching up with my friends or just being around with a close-knit group of friends who that I don’t get to meet very often. Listening to music and reading are some of the other things that I like to do. But I don’t have specific tastes when it comes to music and end up listening to all types of genres. I also watch all kinds  of films just to add variety to what I am watching.

My reading is based on my mood but I make it a point to read all kinds of books and magazines, again to ensure that I have enough variety. Reading many books has helped me gain clarity of thought and this has indirectly given me the confidence and wisdom to choose projects.

I’ve also tried my hand at cooking when I was in class eight but it turned out to be such a disaster that I haven’t mustered enough courage to enter the kitchen since. But my mother is a wonderful cook and that’s also one of the many reasons why I like to eat at home because my mother makes some interesting variations of healthy food.

I don’t compromise on my fitness routine and try not to move away from my planned diet regime. I also try not to miss my dance classes because that keeps me physically and mentally active. I’ve also signed up for a few classes in acting because I believe in updating my skills as an actor.

I also love travelling, exploring new places and meeting new people. We always travel together as a family. The travel plans are always made at the beginning of my new projects or after they are completed.

The time that I spend alone has given me the ability to remain level-headed and positive in times of adversity because I use that time to compose my thoughts and do a bit of introspection as well. I don’t believe in planning my future because not everything moves as planned but I think it is important to set certain goals and work towards achieving them.

(As told to Nina C George)