A gastronomic tour of Punjab

A gastronomic tour of Punjab

Pocket-friendly delights

A gastronomic tour of Punjab

Craving something tangy and mouthwatering yet piping hot, in this weather? Pay a visit to ‘Baba Chatkora’ in Basavanagudi that will perfectly cater to this craving. The eatery serves a variety of Punjabi and North Indian delights that are bound to tingle one’s tastebuds. And the good part is that the food is pocket-friendly and comes in good portions.

The menu is short yet promising. To build up the appetite, try a plate of ‘Barbecue chaaps’ (soya chunks marinated and barbecued) accompanied with lots of ‘chutney’ and onion rings. The ‘chaaps’ come in several variations — ‘masala’, ‘achari’, ‘pudina’, ‘malai’ and ‘Afghani’. It’s a nice, hot starter to begin your meal with, probably along with the ‘Matka lassi’. If you’re visiting in a large group, the ‘barbecue platter’ is recommended.

However, make sure to not fill yourself up as there’s plenty more waiting to be devoured. Also, they have a ‘chaat’ counter outside the restaurant which serves some of the much sought-after ‘chaat’ items like ‘Bhalla papdi chaat’, ‘Dahi golgappa’, ‘Desi ghee aloo tikki’, ‘Tawa aloo chaat’ and ‘Samosa chaat’. Moving on to the main course, there are broadly two categories — ‘Amritsari kulchas’ and ‘Thaalis and combos’. The ‘kulchas’ are the highlight at the eatery — hot and crisp served with a dollop of butter, ‘chhole’ and a sweet ‘n’ sour ‘chutney’.

The platter has two pieces which are more than sufficient for one person or even good for two after a helping of starters. And there are six delicious stuffings to choose from, namely ‘aaloo’, ‘gobi’, ‘paneer’, ‘mix’, ‘cheese’ and ‘Baba Chatkora’ special.

For those not indulging in the ‘kulchas’, there are the usual North Indian ‘thaalis’. There’s the ‘Paneer combo’, ‘Dal makhani combo’, ‘Ghar di thaali’, ‘Pind di thaali’ and ‘Shaahi thaali’. It’s best to go for one of these and some other choices available depending on one’s mood and appetite. Make sure to order carefully as the portions are generous and filling.

They also have a ‘Tawa gravy chaap’ combo that one can try. Gravies and ‘roti’ baskets are even available separately. The place is worth visiting especially for their ‘kulchas’ and ‘chaaps’ that come at reasonable prices. ‘Baba Chatkora’ is located at 19 RV Road, South End Circle, Basavanagudi. It is open from 12 pm to 11 pm.
For details, call 42103077.