On a different path

On a different path

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On a different path

Mention comedy in the Kannada film industry and the first person who comes to one’s mind is actor Komal.

The repertoire of roles that he has done are not only impressive but he has also set a benchmark of sorts and managed to give comedy an altogether different twist. “I was stereotyped as a comedian and I wanted to change that image. Some of the roles in a couple of my future projects will bring out another facet of my personality,” shares Komal. He wishes to turn over a new leaf this year and hopes to work on roles that he has never attempted before.

Komal has indeed essayed very unique roles. He was seen in the role of a ragpicker in ‘Crorepati’, a village lad in ‘Goa’ and will soon be seen donning the role of a cop in his next project, which is yet to be titled. Komal, who is pre-occupied with the construction of his house, hasn’t committed to any projects just yet. “My wife Anu and I have designed the house and I’ve been busy with its construction for the last one year. I want to take up more projects only after the completion of the house,” he says.

Elaborating on his role as a cop, Komal says “It is not a typical cop story but traces the life of a policeman. There are several issues that he has to deal with such as what happens if he doesn’t solve a case and how he manages to balance time between his profession and family,” he explains.

For another project, Komal will also be seen slipping into the role of a software engineer. “It delves into the life of a software engineer who wants to settle for a love-cum-arranged marriage. Whether he will find the girl of his choice and the hiccups involved in the process, forms the crux of the story,” explains Komal.

He says that he always picks his projects very carefully. “I don’t watch films as an ordinary film-goer. There’s a lot of analysis that goes into it. I look at every frame from a different perspective,”he says.